Premium Designers Magazine: 7 knit and crochet patterns created by 3 European designers

23 October, 2019

At Katia we’ve been designing knit and crochet garments for decades. Knowledgeable in the creative process, the one that transforms our yarns into unique pieces, we publish Premium Designers Magazine. Discover a project dedicated to designers of knitwear fashion and their designs. We invite you to make this series of knit and crochet patterns created by 3 European designers: Lisanne Multem from Happy Handmade Living, Katharina Henkel from Unikathiknits and Dario Tubiana from Rosso Cardinale. Learn about their stories and what inspires them through these 7 exclusive designs for Katia.

Premium Designers Magazine

Happy Handmade Living (Netherlands)

My name is Lisanne Multem and I am passionate about styling and making my own home accessories. Not a month goes by without me changing something in my home. The first time I saw blankets and cushions made from XXL yarns, I immediately knew that I wanted to create things like these for myself. I learnt the necessary techniques and started to create my own designs.

Happy Handmade Living
Happy is my motto! On I share my love of materials, accessories, interior books, and of course, my home decor. In addition, you will find many of my patterns, video tutorials, tips and inspiration to get you started. My two books: Crochet your happy, Handmade Living Magazine and Happy Living (in Dutch only) are also available.

Premium Designers Magazine
I think it is really cool to be able to make beautiful and unique items. Therefore, I am sharing two designs made with Tout de Suite for your home: Daydream XXL blanket and cushion. I hope you have a lot of fun!

 XXL blanket and cushion

Unikathiknits (Germany)

I’m Kathi from Unikathiknits. Six years ago a friend showed me how to crochet a beanie. The result was a beautiful bread basket. After watching a lot of videos, and numerous beanie-baskets, I decided to create my first jumper. By then, all the ones I liked where knitted. After looking at thousands of designs, I finally made a square shaped brown jumper in garter stitch without any increases or decreases. It then took me longer to join the pieces together than to knit them. This has not changed much, however…

I like knitting lightweight garments for kids, but also jackets and slippers for adults. I also love quick knit ideas for the home which are made from extra chunky yarns: poufs, rugs, blankets and cushions. When I have a new yarn, the first thing I do is knit lots of swatches. I try combinations using different
materials, colours and stitches until I obtain the design I’m looking for.

chunky yarns
I never get bored, and recommend that everyone tries knitting at least once in their lifetime. You work with such beautiful materials! And have the opportunity to get creative by making something with your own hands. It is, without a doubt, fascinating, satisfying… Simply marvellous! Therefore, I share with you the Soho Cardigan design, a unisex jacket made with Ingenious Big.

Soho Cardigan design, a unisex jacket

Rosso Cardinale (Italy)

After several years spent studying in Rome, Brussels and Jerusalem I took a sabbatical year and began to knit again, taking it more seriously. I’m Rosso Cardinale and designing jumpers has always been a process that has allowed me to learn new techniques, and to transform a classical concept into something more contemporary. I like to think that knit can be adapted to all occasions.

Rosso Cardinale

Jacquards, inlays, short row shaping and working with circular needles to avoid seams are the techniques that characterise my design work. The use of colour and of course the development of garment volumes to create contemporary styling, require a studied approach. Personally, I create models that are a little bit POP. For me, knitting has everything you need to combine multiple styles together at the same time.

Premium Designers Magazine circular needles
The research process is mandatory to get the right inspiration. In fact, it can be found by looking at other stylist’s work, the new trends, and also whilst walking through the streets. The fashion store windows in Rome display colour combinations that can inspire a jacquard or inlay design. It is always a matter of courage and sensibility. To dare is, in fact, a part of the process. Therefore, I share with you 4 exclusive designs: Icelandic 80’s and Zigzag Sweater made with Cotton-Merino, Jagged Sweater knitted with Alpaca Silver and Rhombus made with Tencel-Merino.

Sweater knitted with Alpaca Silver

Sweater woman pattern

Premium Designers Magazine

Have you fallen in love with any of these designs? Each one of them is available in a downloadable individual PDF pattern format. Do you want all the patterns in one PDF format only? Then why not purchase the complete digital Premium Designers magazine, only available at Finally, you can buy a special edition on paper* compiled by Premium Designers magazine and Molla Mills Limited Edition magazine.

Premium Designers Magazine

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