Oasis Mandala CAL 2020: The kit is now available! Make this baby blanket with new colors Katia Basic Merino

Oasis Mandala CAL is a project to enjoy, learn, and furthermore, share the creative process with crochet fans all over the world. Do you want to make this beautiful crochet baby blanket? Get the kit with 8 balls of Basic Merino on our website and in Katia stores. We invite you to enter into Facebook and join our Katia Crochet-Along group. Why? Because there we will share this unique crochet pattern!

Crochet-Along Katia

Baby blanket by @bykaterinacrochet

Hello! My name is Catalina and I am the person behind ByKaterina. I have designed the Oasis Mandala blanket for you using some new Katia Basic Merino colours. This is an intermediate level blanket. However, we also encourage beginners to try it. You will be pleasantly surprised with the final results! Oasis Mandala CAL 2020 is the type of project that makes you feel fulfilled after completing each round. Experience the incredible feeling of creating something spectacular with your own hands.

Oasis Mandala CAL

Inclusive kit with exclusive colors

*Buy now the Oasis Mandala Kit prepared with care by AMPANS, an entity that supports people with intellectual disabilities or in situations of vulnerability. Find your kit with new colors of Katia Basic Merino (green 80, brown 82, beige 83, yellow 84, mint 85, sky blue 86, pink 87, cream 3) in shops Katia and katia.com during the month of March. You will also need a 4 mm / G6 (US) crochet hook, 8 stitch markers, a wool sewing needle and scissors. And during April, you will get the free pattern to make this baby blanket in our Facebook Group. So remember to join our Crochet-Along Katia and share your love of crochet with us!

Katia Basic Merino Kit

What is a CAL?

A CAL or Crochet-Along (do crochet together) is a group of people that follow the same crochet pattern throughout a certain period of time. Our Katia Crochet-Along Facebook group brings together people interested in making their own Oasis Mandala. At the end of the CAL, we are going to celebrate a prize giveaway between all the participants who made their baby blanket with the Oasis Mandala Kit. What’s the prize? 3 kits of Katia yarns for making our next CAL. So to enter the prize giveaway you only have to share an image of your blankie with the group. You’ll see, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your project without having to hurry or get stressed. Above all, the aim of the CAL is to relax whilst you crochet, to enjoy each step of progress made and to happily share the results. 

Oasis Mandala CAL

Oasis Mandala FAQs

  • Who is the designer? Catalina from @bykaterinacrochet
  • When does the CAL begin? First week of April.
  • How long is the CAL? 4 weeks: You will follow a new part of the pattern every week.
  • What does the kit contain? All the yarns to crochet the Oasis Mandala blanket: 8 balls of Katia Basic Merino in new and exclusive colors.
  • Where to buy the kit? The kit is available at Katia Stores and on katia.com* from the beginning of March.
  • What number of crochet is needed? Crochet 4 mm / G6 (US)
  • Where will you find the pattern? The free pattern will be available on our Crochet-Along Katia Facebook Group during April.
  • What will the CAL instructions be like? This is a written pattern using abbreviations and supported by graphics with symbols. All the abbreviations are explained in the section Used Stitches. Each row of the pattern is described in abbreviations and illustrated in graphics. We will also share videos to teach how to make some of the stitches used in the CAL. We want the Oasis Mandala to be a fun, exciting and relaxing challenge.
  • How to crochet a bigger #OasisMandala blanket? Here are some tips:
    • 1. Work with double strands and a larger crochet hook. This way the result will also be a thicker blanket.
    • 2. Make more than one Oasis Mandala blanket and attach them together.
    • 3. Once the CAL is finished, continue working the stitches of the pattern in new rows around the blanket until you reach the desired size.
  • Will the single balls be available to make it bigger? This kit is a limited edition, it will be available while stocks last. But all the new colours of the kit will be on sale as single balls in the Autumn Winter 2020-2021 collection (from July-August this year).
*Shipping available in Portugal, Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands), France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Austria.

Free pattern and video tutorials

Download the free pattern and follow the Crocheting’s videos to crochet your Oasis Mandala blanket. The following videos are narrated in Dutch, so (if this is not your language) we recommend activating the YouTube subtitles option. In our YouTube playlist you can also find videos to make the blanket in Spanish by Merceria y Lanas Susana, as well as videos for left-handed and right-handed people shared by Medelhavet Mar.

30 comments on Oasis Mandala CAL 2020: The kit is now available! Make this baby blanket with new colors Katia Basic Merino

  • Ika

    I want to join this oasis Mandala CAL… But if i not buying the kit, i Will make the blanket with my own yarn, can i still join this CAL? Thank you

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hello Ika, yes, you can make it with other Katia yarns! The only different of using other Katia yarns is the participation in the prize giveaway at the end of the CAL. As we indicated in the post: we are going to celebrate a prize giveaway between all the participants who made their blanket with the Oasis Mandala Kit.
      Thanks and welcome!

  • Sam Prince

    Hi, I’m not on Facebook, is there any other way I can join this CAL Mandala? Thank you

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Sorry, Sam! This is the only way to join the CAL 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

  • Halina Hopkins

    Hello from Australia.
    Do you post to Australia?
    Would be interested in joining this cal.

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hello Halina,
      We are glad to hear that you would be interested in joining this CAL from Australia. 🙂
      Please contact the Katia distributor in your country so that they can offer you options for making your Oasis Mandala blanket.

      • Denice

        In Australia and haven’t found this wool anywhere yet from stockists of Katia.

      • Katia Yarns (author)

        Hi Denice,
        Do not hesitate to contact the Katia distributor in Australia to know the Katia yarns available in your country that are equivalent to Basic Merino. We will be glad to have you on our CAL Facebook group!
        These are the details of Katia’s distributor in Australia.
        46-48 Geddes St.
        Tel. 0061395620033

  • Zoe

    Hi – how much will the CAL pack cost in GBP (£)

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Sorry Zoe, the kit will not be available for UK on our website. In your case, we recommend that you purchase the kit from other European country websites with shipping to the UK. You can also buy 8 Basic Merino balls in your favourite colours at katia.com
      We hope you will take part in the CAL!

      • Zoe

        Can you tell me the names of the colours and I’ll try track down the yarn please

      • Katia Yarns (author)

        Hello Zoe!
        The kit contains 1 ball each of the following BASIC MERINO colours: green 80, brown 82, beige 83, yellow 84, mint 85, sky blue 86, pink 87, cream 3. All these colours are new and exclusive for the kit (except colour 3). Once the CAL is finished, all the new colours of the kit will be on sale as single balls in the Autumn Winter 2020-2021 collection (from July-August this year).
        We hope you find the best colour combination among the 48 colours of Basic Merino: https://www.katia.com/EN/yarns-autumn-winter-basicmerino-793.html
        Note: You will also need a G6 (US)/ 4mm crochet hook, 8 stitch markers, wool sewing needle and scissors.

  • Maria Paula Torres

    Are the eight balls enough to do the project?

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Maria Paula,
      The kit contains enough material to make the baby blanket in the indicated measurements (76×76 cm) with 4 mm / G6 (US) crochet hook. As the pattern works, the tension changes and this is different in each crocheter. For this reason, we recommend avoiding discarding yarn when changing colour or leaving too much ends behind when fasten off. We hope these tips will be useful and that you will have enough yarn left to work with for a few more rows. Greetings!

  • Christine Souza

    What is the start date please?

  • catherine boiteux

    compte tenu des événements, je ne souhaite pas demander aux livreurs de se déplacer (par respect pour eux). J’ai de la laine ne stock, ce sera l’occasion de l’utiliser.
    Comment acheter le patron sans acheter le kit ?

  • Maria Mensing-Effsing

    habe eine Packung gekauft, mir wurde gesagt die Anleitung liegt bei, bin nicht auf Facebook, wie komme ich an die Anleitung?

  • Ana Beatriz Silva

    Hello from Portugal,
    I just see the Mandala and fell in love!!!
    Am I to late?
    If I order now the kit I don’t know when I will recive it.
    Can I join the CAL to follow later when it arrives?
    The CAL is live or video?
    thank you

  • Bridget Coddington

    please could you tell me where I can find the pattern for the Oasis baby blanket in English
    Ive ordered my kit to make this blanket for a grandchild due in September

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Bridget, The free pattern is available on our Crochet-Along Katia Facebook Group.Thanks

  • Baby Want Designs

    This is a nice blog that tells all about the baby blanket and how they are related to the care of newborns.
    Thanks for Sharing..

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Amanda

    Hi Katia. I just love your Oasis baby blanket. Am I still able to access the pattern?

  • Sarah

    This group has disappeared on Facebook??
    Are the patterns for this cal only on YouTube?
    Is there no written pattern? X

  • wenona

    Is this pattern available anywhere (without the kit)
    Thank you!

  • Lisa Briggs

    Hello, is there any place that I can purchase the Oasis Mandala pattern from 2 years ago.

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hello Lisa, we have just updated the links in this post, and now you can find the free pattern easily!.Thanks for your comment!

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