Meet our first sewing pattern magazine Katia Fabrics spring / summer 2020: 30 patterns to make baby and children’s clothes and accessories

28 February, 2020

We are very excited to introduce you to our first Katia Fabrics sewing pattern magazine, inspired by the new AQUA Collection for the Spring Summer 2020 season. In this first edition, we have included 30 practical models to make baby and children’s clothes and accessories. Dress up the ones you love most with a unique and different style. Inside you find cool and comfortable clothes for the hottest seasons of the year, all of them made with our Katia Fabrics, designed by Katia’s team. To keep up to date with all the news and learn with our sewing tutorials, we encourage you to subscribe to our Newsletter.

first sewing pattern magazine Katia Fabrics

Sewing patterns magazine Katia Fabrics

Get inspired by Katia Fabrics sewing magazine and embark on an exciting adventure accompanied by fabrics and patterns. Choose a pattern along with an impressive fabric and start sewing something really surprise you. The patterns are explained in detail for sizes from 12 months to 12 years. A total of 30 creations for baby and children. There are patterns of different levels of difficulty! You choose which one to start from. In the center of the magazine find the paper sheets with full-size patterns. Follow the step-by-step instructions illustrated with small schematic drawings.

Create amazing clothes and accessories to dress the little ones!

Baby patterns (62 cm -68 cm- 74 cm- 80 cm)

Dress for babies

boats museline fabric

summer sweat pandas

  • Hat
  • Bandana bib

Patterns for Little (86 cm -92 cm- 98 cm- 104 cm)

sailoring poplin

woman fishing sweat fabric

gondolier jersey

  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweatshirt shark
  • Waterproof cape

Patrones Kids (116 cm -128 cm- 140 cm- 152 cm)

summer sweat surfing vans

Shirt dress with our Denim Turtles.

capa impermeable

Accesories Patterns

stokke baby cover chair

poplin bubbles