😷 New reusable face masks: ready to wear!

After the successful launch of the mask panels, you have asked us a lot to also make reusable face masks made as gifts or for those who do not know how to sew yet. For you, we have created a collection of double layer and reversible washable hygienic masks with the designs of the Revival and Illustrator panels. In sizes S, M, and L. A mask model that meets the standards of current regulations, is reusable (and therefore more sustainable) and is also beautiful.

Made with a double layer of 100% cotton with a water-repellent treatment, that repels liquids and antibacterial treatment complying with the parameters established by UNE-0065 / 2020.

reusable face masks

Reusable masks, a sustainable alternative

In the new normality, we have become accustomed to the fact that the mask has become a mandatory accessory in our day-to-day routine.

The use of fabric masks reusable and washable, save, and take care of the environment. You can use them up to 50 washes without losing the parameters established by UNE0065 / 2020.

In addition, all our masks are made in Spain using the best materials and fabrics, taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Two models to choose from: square pleated or with darts. In 30 original prints for the whole family and 3 sizes available. Each mask has a comfortable round elastic cord with enough length so that you can adjust it to your liking. Not all faces are the same, some people have a greater distance from ear to ear and others less, adjust the rubber to suit you with a small knot.

reusable face masks

 features masks

Square double layer mask

14 different patterns of this model of the square pleated mask with a double layer of fabric. Available in sizes M and L. Find drawings of unicorns, helmets, rainbows, palm trees, etc.

square doble layer mask

Reusable hygienic face mask

Reusable hygienic face mask

Reversible double layer mask with darts

Choose your favorite among these 16 original designs. Available in sizes S, M and L. Find Katia Fabrics prints on this model and the exclusive designs made by well-known Spanish illustrators that give each mask their name.

reusable  mask with darts

reusable  mask with darts

Models from our Revival collection (the patterns that you liked the most from past collections) captured in these fun masks: lions, suricates, dogs, cats among other drawings for all tastes.

revival face mask

All the masks are now available!

Did you like the new Katia Fabrics ready to go face masks? Find them for sale at Katia Stores and on the web. *

* Online sale available in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands), Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Belgium.

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