Katia Designers Awards 5: A new opportunity to publish your own design in a Katia magazine

22 October, 2020

Would you like to see your designs published in one of our Katia magazines? If so, our Katia Designers Awards 5 competition is for you! Throughout the last 5 years, we have discovered talented knit and crochet designers. For example, Ana Pereira, Mely Raya, Marta GacimartínAna Martin and Gretha de Jonge have seen their patterns published in our magazines. If you are also a yarn lover with a passion for pattern and garment design, take part and show your talent to the handmade community. Here is a new opportunity to publish your design in a Katia magazine; and also receive a package of Katia yarns, of your choice, for the value of €300. Jump into the world of pattern design with Katia Designers Awards 5! 

2 requirements

Make sure all your designs meets submission requirements:

1 | Made with Katia. The design entries must be made completely with one or some of the following Katia yarns:

  • Azteca
  • Azulejo
  • Baby Nature
  • Basic Merino / Merino Classic
  • Ingenua
  • Love Wool
  • Merino 100%
  • Katia Merino Aran
  • Merino Sport
  • Mouton
  • Supreme Merino
  • Twins

Free choice of colors and techniques used:

  • Knitting with straight needles or circular needles
  • Crochet
  • Tunisian crochet
  • A combination of techniques

2 | Authorship. The design and the pattern must be of your own creation.

Knit pattern design

Award for the best designs

  • Your design published in a Katia magazine. If your design is a winner, we will publish it in a Katia Autumn Winter 21/22 magazine. This magazine is available in 6 languages: Spanish-English, French-Dutch and German-Italian. Of course, we will mention your name, your blog or Instagram. 
  • Katia´s products for the value of €300. You will win a batch of Katia products of your choice worth €300: yarns, kits, needles, crochets and magazines
  • Featured on our web, blog and social networks with millions of visits. In addition, your pattern will be available as a downloadable PDF on katia.com. And we will publish a post on this blog with the winning designs, and we will share them on Facebook and Instagram.

Katia Designers Award

Jumper by Inma Martín @ZigzagMerceriaCreativa winner of the Katia Designer Awards 4 garment design category: “I have designed a simple pattern with straight lines, except for the armhole increases that create the dropped sleeve. I have used moss stitch on the back, sleeves and collar band. The front is worked in bicolour grid stitch that combines 2 rows in each colour. I hope you like it!”

3 Categories

You can take part in all categories with all the designs you consider appropriate. There is also no limit to the number of entries you can make, you can send as many designs as you like:

1 | Women-Men. You can enter any kind of unisex, men or women’s knit or crochet garment: jumpers, ponchos, dresses, capes, shawls, waistcoats, jackets, coats…

2 | Baby-Kids. You can participate with any garment for babies or children: jumpers, ponchos, dresses, capes, rompers, vests, jackets, coats …

3 | Accessories-Home. You can take part with small designs like hats, neck warmers, scarves, gloves, bags, etc. Or, with home decoration accessories like cushions, baskets, rugs, blankets……

Katia Designers Award

Albur Jumper by Maria Jesus Alonso @miss_chainette, winner of the Katia Designers Awards 4, Women-Men’s Fashion category. “In this model, I wanted to reflect how the different decisions we make in life are sometimes marked by chance or by situations that do not depend on us and do not always follow the straight line that we have marked”.

Finalists and winners

In addition to the winning designs selected by the Katia Design Team; it will be the followers on the Katia Yarns & Fabrics Facebook page that will decide which design – among the finalists – should be included in our magazine. As in all previous editions, all the finalists will also receive a batch of Katia products for their participation.

Katia Designers Award

Butterfly scarf and mittens set by Nerea Irigalba @mariposas_detulypapel, winner of the category accessory designs of Katia Designer Awards 4: “I propose a set of a long scarf combined with a very simple pair of mittens. You will only need to knit and purl stitches to create the diamond pattern. The mittens are knitted on circular needles. The scarf is worked using a simple openwork pattern to achieve a different touch”.

Take part!

Please, email us before January 10, 2021. In the Subject section indicate the category that you want to take part in: 

  • Women-Men
  • Baby-Kids
  • Accessories-Home
  1. Attach 2 or 3 photos, with the best quality possible, of your design entry. We recommend that you photograph with natural light and focus on the details that make your design special. A good photo will definitely help the Katia Design Team to make a better evaluation of your work.
  2. Tell us something about you! We want to know your knitting or crochet story. 
  3. And something about your design: inspiration, stitches, Katia yarns used, number of balls, colours, needles and any other interesting detail.

NOTE: you don´t need to send the pattern by email for taking part. We only need the pattern if your design is one of the winners.

Katia contest


  • The Katia Design Team will select the finalist models and the winning designs in each category. On January 20, 2021 the names of the finalists and winners will be published in this post. Beforehand, we’ll contact all the winners by email. 
  • The winners give their permission to publish the patterns in our Autumn – Winter 21/22 magazine.
  • To enable the task of editing the magazine, the creators will lend their models to Katia for a temporary period. Katia will assume the delivery by courier of the entrance garments and accessories. After the magazine publication, Katia will return to their creators.
  • For their part, the designers agree to not publish the pattern, tutorial or instructions before our new magazine. Yes, winners and finalists can share photos of their designs on social media.
  • Katia reserves the right to cancel any of the participating entries if the requirements are not kept. So the Katia Team retains the right to annul the competition, any category or contemplate more winners.

 Finally, to take part in the Katia Designers Awards 5 implies the acceptance of these conditions.

Designs with Katia yarns

Finalists and winners (21/01/2021)