Your favorite fabrics from the latest collections in the new panel of Revival masks

We launched a new mask panel that will surprise you. The REVIVAL mask panel is a flashback to our past collections, a small memory of the prints that you have liked the most during these 3 years. Includes 20 prints with various illustrations of animals such as crabs, foxes, lions, surikatas, cats, dogs, fish, and many more. Full of color and creativity to easily make masks for the whole family. They are ready to cut, sew, and brand new. With free patterns in different sizes and downloadable instructions HERE for the two patterns of the panel (darts and square pleats mask).

A panel made of 100% cotton fabric with an antibacterial and water-repellent treatment that repels saliva drops since it has resistance to microbial penetration of particles from 0.3 microns according to the UNE-EN149 standard.

Revival mask panel

Sew 13 reversible double-layer masks in a single meter. 6 darts mask and 7 square masks with pleats. If you like the 26 prints you can also do the double layer with one of our Antibacterial Poplin.

Recommendations: After 25 washes the treatment begins to lose properties. If it is washed at 60º, as it is recommended to wash the masks for proper disinfection, the print could gradually lose the intensity of its colors. Wash with a neutral detergent. Do not use bleach. Important: apply an iron (dry) at 120 / 140º for 10 to 15 seconds after each wash.

revival mask panel

Darts mask

Among the prints of the darts model, we present first of all a small tribute that we have made to our beloved Frida, the success of last summer. “Always Free Frida”

mask frida

From our first collection, we remember the two prints that we saw the most on social networks: the lions and the surikatas.

mask surikatas

mask lions

mask rebels

Square pleat mask

In Revival mask panel we have many references to the marine world, such as this fun print of crabs.

mask crabs

Or these astronaut dogs and the stars of the galaxy.

galaxy mask

And finally a floral print from last summer in pastel shades.

flower mask
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