Meet the 9 illustrators who have participated in the new panel mask ILLUSTRATORS and discover their secret message

Our ILLUSTRATORS panel is very special, a panel full of color and creativity. 10 illustrators come together to design an emotionally charged panel.

We dream of a near future when face masks will not be necessary. But now is the time to wear a face mask, to take care of both ourselves and others. Katia Fabrics accompanies you throughout these moments with unique designs for you and the little ones.

They are ready to cut, sew, and brand new. With the free pattern in different sizes and downloadable instructions HERE.

panel de mascarillas


panel mask illustrators

9 wonderful Spanish illustrators have collaborated in its creation. From here we thank you for your participation. Thank you Lady Desidia, Javirroyo, Mariona Tolosa Sistere, Lyona Ivanova, Miguel Bustos, Gallardo, Elisa Muns贸, J煤lia Solans, and Rocio Parra.

Each drawing has a hidden message of this unique and different moment in our lives, do you dare to find them? Leave in comments the ones you have discovered, 馃槉

Sew with this DIY panel 10 reversible double-layer dart masks. If you like the 20 prints you can also do the double layer with our Antibacterial Poplin.

Recommendations: After 25 washes the treatments start to lose their properties. If washed at a temperature of 60潞, as recommended for the correct disinfection of the face masks, the print colours may begin to lose the intensity of their colours. Wash with a neutral detergent. Do not bleach. Important: dry iron at a temperature of 120/140潞 for 10 to 15 seconds after each wash.

You will find prints as magical as this one by the illustrator Lady Desidia, with flowers and green background.

mask panel ilustraci贸n lady desidia

We have designed this print where we show our love for work: sewing and knitting

ilustraci贸n katia fabrics

Or this emotional one of: “We are stronger together” by Julia Solans.

panel de mascarillas


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We love to see your versions and projects made with Katia Fabrics fabrics or patterns!


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