Enjoy Essence by Katia Fabrics, the new spring-summer 2022 fabric collection

We are looking forward to showing you the new collection of spring-summer fabrics from Katia Fabrics because it comes loaded with novelties. Fresh, light and breathable fabrics so that the whole family feels comfortable spending the dreamy summer that we deserve so much. We have included new fabrics in our catalog: such as the rustic Linen/Cotton, the soft Tencel, the original Curled Cotton, the fresh Embroidery, and the modern Denim Print Color, among others. Without forgetting, of course, our classic printed poplin and plumetis, comfortable Jersey, or the resistant Canvas. And like every season, the new collection is very well accompanied by the ESSENCE SS22 sewing pattern magazine with 32 modern and summer projects for children’s sizes between 62 cm and 152 cm (1 month – 12 years) and Women (S-M-L-XL).,

New collection of spring-summer fabrics from Katia Fabrics

This season, we have been inspired by a romantic and rustic style to enjoy the summer with our loved ones. Dress yourself, the child within you, and your loved ones with our authentic DIY patterns and fabrics.



Girls and boys show us that we can BE WHAT WE WANT TO BE… (… BE). Reality is not a static thing, but rather an evolutionary state that leads to change. The times in which we live have shown us to adapt to change without losing the fundamental value of retaining our ESSENCE. A collection that makes us think and feel like mothers, fathers, aunts/uncles, grandparents, teachers, godparents, and like the children we were and still carry inside us.



We close our eyes, travel through time, and rediscover the dreams and feelings we had when we were small. Let’s listen to ourselves and see what our adult selves would say to our younger selves. Let’s embrace the child within us, take it by the hand, and take care of it. We will try to reflect on the values to instill in our little ones and the little ones we will leave in this world. Cooperation, joy, spontaneity, creativity, honesty, sense of humor, limits, frustration, bravery, and empathy are some values we will try to capture in our prints. We do not prepare the way for our little ones. We prepare our little ones, so they can find their own way. A collection that could only be dedicated to all our Katia Fabrics girls and boys, to the ones we were and the ones we are.

We reveal some of the fabrics that we have incorporated into our Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. Are you ready to see all the new arrivals?

You can enjoy the rest of the fabrics and prints in our online store katia.com and Katia stores

Curled Cotton

A new and original fabric is available in 4 colors. Circular knit fabric, with a very dense mini-loop, gives it a “towel-like” feel and look that is very fashionable today. A timeless fabric perfect for making comfortable, informal garments such as jackets, pants, or overalls. In addition, it comes in a width of 1.85 cm.



The new Linen/Cotton fabric has the beautiful, rustic look of linen mixed with cotton for extreme softness. A typical summer fabric is highly appreciated in the manufacture of suit jackets, blouses, skirts, and dresses. Available in 7 cheerful colors.

Linen/cotton turquoise

Embroidery Fabrics

Another novelty is the embroidery fabrics, fabrics with linear drawings or interspersed in the form of embroidery. On the same cotton base, we have created different fabrics.

Otra de las novedades son los tejidos embroidery, telas con dibujos lineales o intercalados en forma de bordado. Sobre una misma base de algodón hemos creado diferentes tejidos.

  • Denim Embroidery: Denim fabric with linear embroidery in dark and light colors.
  • Grannie Embroidery White: White cotton Poplin fabric with a fantasy embroidery of vertical lines with openwork flower effects.
  • Diamond Embroidery White: White cotton fabric with fantasy diamond embroidery.


  • Flower Embroidery Cotton: Voile-type white cotton fabric with a fantasy embroidery of flowers with an openwork effect. A classic design is available in white, lime, blue, and coral. 


Lyocell Denim

It comes in two shades of indigo blue with two different wash levels: Dark Denim and Light Denim.

Its composition is “100% LYOCELL” a sustainable fabric with the Environment since it is biodegradable. Its manufacture produces no by-products harmful to health or the planet, while cellulose, its main ingredient, is obtained from well-managed farms. In addition to the above, growing the trees needed to produce LYOCELL does not require irrigation or pesticides.


It is commonly known as TENCEL, soft, breathable fabric with a beautiful drape.

Tie Dye

We make a special section for this type of print, whose technique is knotted that is tied, and then dyed. A process that is usually done on natural fabrics such as cotton. We have created 3 Tie Dye prints, one on pink and blue poplin, another on green and blue jersey, and finally another on French Terry (sweat or summer sweatshirt) in pastel colors making lines.


There are many novelties this season that we will show you in future blog posts. Meanwhile, enjoy the new collection on our website and social networks.




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