Fabrics with floral prints, ruffles, fresh and light fabrics… The Katia Fabrics Essence SS22 sewing pattern magazine is back!

Fabrics with floral prints, ruffles, fresh and light fabrics… The Katia Fabrics sewing pattern magazine is back: Essence SS22! Feel the warmth of the new spring/summer season and enjoy sewing one of the 32 designs from the new magazine. Discover the season’s trends, timeless comfortable garments, and 4 women’s patterns that you can sew with the new Katia Fabrics magazine, which includes: children’s sizes between 62 cm and 152 cm (1 month – 12 years) and Women’s (SML-XL). With each pattern, discover new sustainable fabrics, recycled fabrics, extra light fabrics, and exclusive designs, among many other novelties.

Fabrics with floral prints

Prepare your sewing machine, fabric, and scissors and enjoy the most summery seams of the year!

Fabrics with floral prints

Fabrics with floral prints

Large or small flowers, with perfect or faded strokes, monochrome or multicolored, flowers are the summer print that never goes out of style. On poplin, denim, viscose, muslin, … these season flowers are present in all kinds of fabrics.

floral prints

Fabrics with floral prints


Tie Dye

Tie-dye lover, now you can enjoy making garments and accessories with this collection of fabrics with prints in faded colors. Sew dresses, t-shirts, or accessories with this print that is so fashionable among young people. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses, and even cushions for your room.

tie dye summer sweat poplin tie dye

Sailor style

The sailor or nautical style never goes out of style, just like flowers, stripes will always be present in our summers. The new Nautical Stripes fabric will surprise you. In two styles, with vertical stripes or horizontal stripes. Both fabrics are cotton-based and slightly stretchy, with a soft wrinkled effect that looks great on dresses or jumpsuits like the ones we show you.

nautical style fabrics

nautical style fabrics

Comfortable and timeless patterns

sewing pattern magazine essence

We are committed above all to comfort, to designs that accompany you on any occasion of your day to day. The fabric with which you sew each pattern depends on you, and the result will change completely. More casual or more elegant, you choose. In the new Essence magazine, you will find comfortable jumpsuits made with fabrics such as the new and surprising Curled Cotton with a mini bouclé towel effect that reminds us a bit of the 80s.

curled cotton

At Essence, we repeat with the women’s patterns, and we have included 4 models to create your own summer capsule wardrobe. A sweatshirt, a beautiful dress with ruffles, a comfortable jumpsuit with dropped sleeves, and a strappy dress made with the new Lyocell fabric. Lyocell will become your favorite fabric as soon as you touch it, we assure you!

strappy dress for woman

Fabrics with floral prints

Sustainable and ecological fabrics

One more season, we continue to advance with our commitment to the environment. More sustainable and recycled fabrics in our catalog.

sustanaible fabrics

And in the part of recycled fabrics, we include:

recycled canvas print

jeans recycled print canvas


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