Learn how to sew a children’s caramel bag with a free pattern

The good weather arrives and the desire to go for a walk and enjoy the summer. In order to carry your most precious treasures, we have created this child-sized caramel bag pattern. You can increase the measurements and do it in adult size and enjoy an original and different accessory. To make this candy bag we have used our canvas fabric. A 100% cotton fabric with a grammage higher than the poplin that makes it a more full-bodied fabric and ideal for making bags, backpacks, or toiletry bags. Discover your favorite print in the new Canvas SS20 collection.

caramel bag tutorial


Learn how to sew a caramel bag

For this caramel bag tutorial, we have used Canvas Fabric My first bath for the exterior and Poplin Diving Coord for the lining of the AQUA spring/summer 2020 collection.


Below we detail the materials and tools you will need:


  • 45 cm Canvas My first bath
  • 45 cm Poplin Diving Coord
  • 75 cm of backpack tape
  • 50 cm of ribbon
  • Free pattern caramel bag child size


  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Marker
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron

caramel bag tutorial


Step by step caramel bag

  1. Cut two squares 42 cm high by 40 cm wide. 1 time on the outer fabric and once on the lining.
  2. Sew the zipper as we indicated in the video, leaving the sides unsewn.
  3. Locate the backpack strap 2 cm from the ends of the zipper and sew as we indicated in the video.
  4. Make a small hem on the sides and sew.
  5. Tie the ribbon at each end about 5-6 cm from each side.
  6. Your caramel bag is ready to release and enjoy!

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