Sign up for the Katia Workshops! Learn 4 different knit projects in the workshops organized by your local stores

28 April, 2021

Do you want to learn how to knit a project from start to finish? If you are looking for stores near you where they teach knitting classes, this post will interest you … Because Katia Workshops are coming! Together with the valuable collaboration of the stores, we present a series of knitting workshops. In these workshops, you will learn how to knit 4 interesting projects for women, children, and babies. Discover new stitches, techniques, or different yarn creations, while receiving personalized attention and professional advice from the store owners. No matter what your current level of expertise is, these workshops are a unique opportunity to learn how to knit complete patterns´ step by step. Contact your local store now to check if it organizes any of the 4 Katia Workshops and whether they do so in person or online. Enjoy your completely handmade experience with the Katia Workshops!

Katia Workshops

What stores run workshops?

To find out which stores organize the Katia workshops, you can visit the store locator on our website. Click on the drop-down menu underneath “Workshops in your store” and check the Workshop Katia Academy box. Select your COUNTRY, enter a city and click on SEARCH. Then, the map will show you the nearby stores that organize -all or some- Katia Workshops. Click on each K icon or consult the information table (below the map), to obtain the address and contact details of these stores. If you already have a trustworthy store, pay them a visit, a call or check their social networks to see if they are organizing a Katia Workshop. The stores are always ready to help you and to facilitate your learning experience!

Katia Workshops map

How to attend the Katia Workshops

There are two ways you can attend the Katia Workshops. You can either attend the Katia Workshop face-to-face in your local stores, or you can choose to attend the workshop online on platforms such as WhatsApp or Meet. Due to the current circumstances and measures, it might be possible that your local store does not organize face-to-face workshops. But now worries! We made sure to provide a series of resources and videos to the stores, so you can still complete classes online. Enjoy the comfort of learning from home, without losing the closeness and fun of learning in a group. If you are interested in face-to-face classes, we recommend visiting nearby stores to check available places, schedules, prices, materials, etc. If you prefer to attend an online workshop, contact the store of your choice to find out if it offers this type of workshop. No matter if you live near or far from the organizing stores, you can always choose the online option, to learn how to knit the project that you like the most.

Katia Workshops

Sign up for the Katia Workshops!

What can you learn to knit in each Katia Workshop? These are the 4 patterns for women, children, and babies from our Spring-Summer 2021 collection that you can learn in the workshops:

Workshop Short Katia Eliseo Sweater

Level: Easy. Learn how to knit a women´s V-neck jumper with a unique construction. A simple pattern with a brilliant result!

Workshop Short Katia Eliseo Sweater

Yucatán Children´s Hooded Jacket Workshop

Level: Intermediate. Learn how to knit a hooded jacket, add a zipper, and enjoy the open stitch of the design. A comfortable garment for the trendiest kids!

Children´s Hooded Jacket Workshop

Katia Pure Degradé Baby Blanket Workshop 

Level: Intermediate. Learn how to knit a baby blanket with circular needles from the center and apply a beautiful open stitch into the design. Create something special for the new member of the family with your own hands!

baby blanket with circular needles

Katia Paraiso Asymmetric Sweater Workshop

Level: Intermediate. Learn to knit in two directions: vertically and horizontally.
Wear this beautiful sweater coming summer and proudly tell others that it is created by you!

Katia Paraiso Asymmetric Sweater Workshop

Each project is allocated a few hours, so that you can learn how to make it step by step, guided by a professional knitter. Interested to sign up and enjoy the complete handmade experience? Contact or visit your regular store to learn more about these knitting workshops!