Learn how to sew a summer dress with @nairamkitty’s free pattern and step-by-step video

Marian, better known as @nairamkitty in social media, participates again in our blog this time to teach us how to sew a summer dress with the new Rustic Cotton fabrics. A new 100% cotton fabric with a slightly rough look that gives it that special rustic touch. Fresh, light, and easy to sew with which you can make dresses, pants, dungarees, and even home accessories such as cushions or aprons. You can also use any of the Rustic Cotton, both plain and printed, to make this project.

A beginner-level project where you will learn many sewing techniques: how to sew a view, how to put buttons, and how to gather a sleeve. And also with a free downloadable pattern from size 36 to 46. Do you dare to sew it with us? To do this we have used Rustic Cotton Salinas Birds in pink from the FLY SS21 collection

How to sew a summer dress for women

The materials you will need to make this summer dress are:


summer dress tutorial


Before starting we give you a series of recommendations:

  • Steam or wash before cutting and sewing
  • To sew this fabric we recommend using a Universal 80-90 needle.
  • Read the Instructions PDF carefully before starting.

measurements table

 summer dress tutorial

Cut and Sewing

Watch the free video tutorial that Marian has prepared for us to make it and follow each step carefully to get a result of 10. The pattern comes with the included 1 cm seam allowance in all the contours except the bottom and cuffs.

rustic cotton fabric

  1. Start by cutting all the pieces: 1 time the back to the spine, 1 time the front skirt to the spine, the back skirt 1 time to the spine, 2 times the front, views, and 2 times the sleeves.
  2. Views (2 front and 1 back to the spine) and two 2 cm wide strips along the length of the body for the two front flaps. Iron them to the wrong sides of the outer fabric. 
  3. Make a first 1 cm hem on the placket and then a second 2 cm hem, iron, and sew. Place the right placket on top of the left and fasten it down with stitching. 
  4. Gather the upper part of the skirt both back and front with loose threads to fit the width of the bodies. Sew and overlock the seams together. 
  5. Face the two bodies right to right and sew the shoulders, overlock seams, and iron towards the back. Sew the views as we show you in the video and reserve. 
  6. Gather the cup on the sleeve as we show you in the video. Place over the armhole and sew. Overlock seams. 
  7. Sew the view to the neckline, make small cuts so that it fits better, and iron inwards. 
  8. Make a top-stitch around the contour of the neckline. 
  9. Face right against right and sew sides of sleeves and one-time dress. Overlock the seams together. 
  10. Try on the dress and make the cuffs and bottom hems to your liking. 
  11. With the buttonhole foot, make the 4 that are marked in the pattern and sew the buttons. Tip: practice previously on scrap as we indicated in the video.

how to sew a summer dress

You have your dress ready to enjoy the warm summer days. We hope you liked this tutorial and are encouraged to try different and unique fabrics like this special rustic cotton.

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