Chita lou puts our Maxi Triangular Bag to the test

Hello, my name is Sylvia and I’ve never used any sewing patterns made by another person.

Which Anonymous Dressmakers meeting, I hear you say: “Hello Sylvia”

Joking apart, what I said about the patterns is absolutely true.

I’ve been sewing for 17 years and I’ve never used a ready-made sewing pattern.

Therefore, I think that this review of the Katia Fabrics Triangular Bag is going to be really useful if, like me, you’ve never used third party patterns, or you don’t have much experience using them.

Before I get going, I want to say a big thank you to the Katia Fabrics team for inviting me to give you my opinion, it’s a pleasure to inaugurate the bloggers section.

And now, let’s get going!

Before starting: Triangular bag

Triangular Bag

The two fabrics that I’ve used for this bag are the same type as Canvas Gold, a fine canvas with printed gold highlights.

The first and most important piece of advice is that for each pattern made, you should use the recommended fabric types.

You don’t necessarily have to use all the same fabrics that Katia suggest on the pattern, (actually I changed one of them) but obviously the results won’t be the same if you substitute a jersey fabric for a poplin fabric.

The pattern

The pattern is real size. It includes the bag and a cover for charging a mobile phone.

Triangular Bag

With 27 1/2″ (70cm) of each fabric you can cut out the two pieces and you’ll still have some left over fabric remnants. You can trace the pattern onto tissue paper or cut out directly around the original. I opted for the second option because as it’s a bag pattern there are no sizes and only one pattern size is available.

The instructions contain a cutting layout plan. This is a drawing which shows you how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric for marking and cutting.

Pay attention here, because there’s a point that’s very obvious for experienced sewers, which is how to cut the lining and exterior pieces in the opposite direction to each other (so they fit together when right sides are placed together). It’s something you can easily miss if it’s your first time cutting out pattern pieces.

Triangular Bag


Although the pattern piece doesn’t state it specifically, you must place it on the right side to cut one of the fabrics, and on the wrong side, with the letters touching the fabric, to cut the other piece of fabric. If you don’t do this, the fabrics will not fit together correctly.

After cutting all the necessary pieces, which are only two, you must follow the sewing instructions. Inside the envelope you will find the instruction leaflet with images of the step by step instructions and the text in 6 different languages.

My impressions of the finished product

It’s an unusual bag, which is formed by folding the fabric back on itself to form the triangular shaped design. If you read the instructions really carefully you’re sure to get it right.

Triangular Bag

And it’s really quick to make. The truth is, as accustomed as I am to nearly always cutting straight lines with a fabric cutter, having to mark and then cut the pattern pieces with scissors is what took me the longest to do out of the whole process.

The result, as you can see, is a very original bag with more room inside than it appears to have.

Triangular Bag

Are you encouraged to make one?

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Triangular Bag