Velour, Velvet Loop & Artico Plus: one ball, one neck warmer!

With the arrival of autumn, you don’t go out without putting on a cosy neck warmer do you? Pay attention, because we have the magic formula that will allow you to show off a new accessory every day: one ball, one neck warmer! If you enjoy easy knit projects with different results, we want to introduce you to Katia Artico PlusKatia Velour and Katia Velvet Loop. We are proposing these 5 free knit patterns that are going to surprise you because they’re so quick to make! And we repeat: you only need one ball of yarn!

1 ball = 1 neck warmer

Do you have a ball of Katia Velour in your hands? If so, you can already start to wrap yourself up in this neck warmer with a super soft feel and a ‘plush’ texture effect. And furthermore, there are 15 colours to choose from!

neck warmer knit one ball

Acquire a spongy neck warmer with great voluminosity and a velvet look using just one ball of Velvet Loop. You won’t be able to stop stroking it…

neck warmer knit one ball

And finally, add a touch of multicolour to your outfit with Katia Artico Plus. With one ball you can make any of these 3 knit designs. Download the free patterns  from our web page.

neck warmer knit one ball

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