Silk, alpaca, cotton, merino wool and mohair blended in 5 surprising combinations

Do you get excited about experimenting with natural fibres? Have you got our Katia Concept nº 1 magazine in your hands? If so, continue reading because you’re going to discover 5 surprising yarn qualities made up from different combinations of silk, alpaca, cotton, merino wool and mohair.


Katia Cotton-Merino

Katia Cotton-Merino and Katia Cotton-Merino PlusDiscover the softness of the extra fine merino wool and the lightness of the cotton thanks to ‘Air‘ technology. This 100% natural yarn (70% cotton – 30% extra fine merino wool) is ideal for knitting relief stitches and for creating beautiful results with voluminous effects. The combination of the cream coloured cotton with the dyed wool creates a very special chromatic appearance.  Available in 17 colours and also in 7 multicoloured tones in Cotton-Merino Plus.


Katia Merino-Silk

Katia Merino-Silk is the result of the union between extra fine merino wool (70%) and Mulberry silk (20%) and is available in 16 colours. This elegant fibre combination is intended for knitting and crocheting high quality garments with a lot of volume, but surprisingly little weight. Do you need an example? A size XL sweater made with 10 balls of yarn only weighs 250 g.


Katia Silk-Mohair

Experiment with Silk-Mohair (70% super kid mohair – 30% silk) and thicker needles or hooks to knit or crochet waistcoats, neck warmers and accessories which are light weight and have a sensational handle. Be surprised by the wide colour range on offer and the spectacular long cycle prints. Take a look at the models that you can make using only a few balls of Silk-Mohair yarn.


Katia Silk-Alpaca

Silk (26%) and superfine alpaca (74%) make up Katia Silk-Alpaca; a high end yarn which creates exquisite results by using as little as one ball of yarn. The yarn’s composition ensures light weight fabrics, a high yield and 8 soft natural tones. A range of colours which will delight even the most demanding of knitters and crocheters.


Katia Royal Silk 

When the Royal Baby -the highest quality selection of baby alpaca- is combined with silk, the result is a high quality yarn with an incredibly soft handle. In addition to the innate characteristics of these materials; what makes Katia Royal Silk really special is its light weight and its high yield. So, using only one 25 g ball of yarn you can knit or crochet a beautiful neck warmer.


Long life to your hand made garments! We recommend that you keep the labels from our balls of yarn. Why? Because you’ll find important information on them. We also want to remind you of these tips and advice to help you care for your woollen garments.

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