Katia accessories to knit, crochet and sew ? 2023 Christmas gifts ideas

12 December, 2023

Do you need some Christmas gift ideas for knitters, crocheters, and sewers? ? Whether you want to surprise your family‘s creative hands: moms, grandmothers, mothersinlaw, partners, etc. Because you want to have a special detail with sewing or knitting friends. Or,because you‘re worth it and it‘s time for a good self-gift. Find the perfect present in the new Katia accessories collection! Discover everything from small tools to project bags for organizing knitting and sewing materials.

Katia accessories

Katia Accessories Collection

Here, you have everything you need to sew, crochet and knit like a true professional. From pins and tape measures, to magnetic bracelets, row counters or needle stoppers. And much more! Also, fabric cases to organize and care for needles and crochet hooks, as well as practical project bags to store and transport knitting and sewing projects.

Katia accessories

Original tools to knit, crochet and sew

Sewing and knitting is easier with the fun Katia accessories

Katia 100% Crafter metal Mug 

Enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea while spending time on your favorite passion. This vintage metal mug with a Katia 100% Crafter design is the perfect inspiration for lovers of all things handmade!

Katia accessories: 100% Craft metal mug

Crafters notebook designed by Lady Desidia 

Are you a passionate crafter? If you love sewing, embroidering, or knitting, this notebook is perfect for you. It’s made of recycled paper and has a beautiful design by illustrator Lady Desidia.

Crafter notebook Katia Accessories Gift idea for Christmas
Crafter notebook Gift idea for Christmas

Round magnetic bracelet for row counter, pins…

Keep pins, metal stitch markers, or the magnetic row counter on hand while you sew or knit thanks to this round magnetic bracelet from the Katia 100% You accessories collection. 

magnetic bracelet

Round magnetic row counter 

Keep track of your stitches and rows while knitting with this round row counter! Place this magnetic row counter on the matching magnet bracelet from the Katia 100% You accessories collection, so you can easily press the row counter button while you knit. 

magnetic row counter 

150-cm/60-inch double-sided tape measure

Measure all kinds of projects, both made of fabric and yarn, with this tape measure from our Katia 100% You collection. A must-have in your sewing basket or project bag! 

tape measure

Box with 60 sewing pins in 6 colors

Add color to your sewing basket with basic notions: round head pins in assorted colors. They are easy to handle thanks to their round heads and stainless steel, making them really resistant and long-lasting.

head pins

Stitch stoppers

Keep all your knitting projects safe and add a touch of color with these EVA rubber needle protectors. These stitch stoppers in different sizes adjust to your needles perfectly, keeping your work safe with no risk of dropping stitches.

Stitch stoppers

Heart-shaped knitting needle stoppers

This Katia 100% YOU collection includes 6 colorful stoppers, available in 3 pairs with 3 different colors. Make your knitting projects more fun with heart-shaped needle stoppers!

Katia Accessories heart shaped knitting needle stoppers

Knitting needles-crochet hooks cases and project bags

All the cases and project bags from the Katia 100% You collection are designed and produced by seamstresses from Barcelona with resistant recycled canvas fabric by Katia Fabrics and decorated with a Katia 100% You cotton label.

Katia project bag with pockets and adjustable strap

Carry your knitting and crochet projects everywhere in this beautiful project bag. Arrange and keep all your knitting notions in the 4 practical outer compartments and the 2 inside pockets. 

project bag with pockets

7 | Katia zipper circular knitting needle case

Keep up to 14 pairs of Katia circular knitting needles, from 2 to 15 mm, inside this practical case with a black plastic zip closure. And, use the outside pocket to carry the interchangeable cables, stitch markers, needle stoppers and other small notions to knit anywhere.

circular knitting needle case

8 | Katia 100% You zipper straight knitting needle case

Keep all your straight knitting needles in this practical cylindrical case, with a black plastic zip closure, 100% made in Barcelona. It is designed to hold all your pairs of knitting needles —both 30 cm and 40 cm long— in all the sizes available at Katia. 

accessories katia

9 | Katia 100% You zipper crochet hook case

Arrange and protect crochet hooks in this practical handmade case with a black plastic zip closure. It has been designed to keep 12 crochet hooks with ergonomic handles by Katia. It includes an outside pocket to keep stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needles… 

crochet hook case