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The Waves crochet jumper by Susi se enreda: Enjoy this pattern inspired by the sea and literature

The Waves crochet jumper

When you discover a passion in your life, the only thing you can do is let yourself go with the flow. That’s what happened to me with crochet: It came into my life to stay. Although it started as a therapy, when I was faced with a difficult work situation after my son was born, it has become an essential part of my day. I’m Susi, crocheter, librarian and creator of Susi se enreda. I adore touching yarns. Their colours fill me with energy and inspire me with ideas to create new projects. In fact, this is exactly what happened with…

Berber inspired knit cushion: Add an ethnic touch to your home decor with this design from Mauricette C

knit cushion

Hello everybody! My name is Caroline and I live in Lille, in northern France. I have been knitting since I was 5 years old thanks to my maternal grandmother Mauricette. She taught me how to knit scarves from leftover yarn. I’ll let you imagine what the results were like! Since 2017 I have been creating my knit and crochet patterns under the name of Mauricette C. In fact, this is my second name too and I feel a very special bond with my grandmother because of this. I have created various collections with the support of Katia and have new…