Craft Lovers ♥ Eivissa Shawl knitted with Katia Ombré by Alessandro Estrella

Get your circular needles ready! Because we’re travelling to the White Island with the Eivissa Shawl designed by Alessandro Estrella using Katia Ombré. There’s no doubt that Ibiza is one of Alessandro’s favourite places, and a location where he finds the inspiration to make some of his interesting knitting projects. This Italian knitter enjoys knitting when he travels, and above all, he’s a shawl lover. His name and the story about his love for this accessory is probably already familiar to you. In fact, if you follow our blog, you may already have made his Stefania Shawl using Katia Tahiti Jeans.

Eivissa Shawl On this occasion, Alessandro has played with the 6 colours in a pack of Katia Ombré (col. 6) to obtain the resulting warm tonal Eivissa Shawl: Orangey-Red, Tomato Red, Ruby Red, Garnet, Burgundy and Wine Red. As we’ve already told you in this postKatia Ombré is available in packs of 6 balls of Extra fine Merino in different colours. Therefore, with only one pack, you can make a shawl like the one designed by Alessandro Estrella. Without further ado, we’re sharing the knitting pattern here, showing how to make this marvellous Eivissa shawl, that will transport you to the luminous Mediterranean island.

Eivissa Shawl Eivissa Shawl by Alessandro Estrella

Materials. Circular needle US 5 with 80 cm cable, 2 stitch markers, 1 kit Ombrè by Katia (6 balls x 25 gr.): 100% Merino Extrafine.


K: knit;

P: purl;

PM: place marker;

SM: slip marker;

yo: yarn over;

k2tog: knit 2 sts. together;

ssk: slip, slip. knit;

s3p: slip 3 sts purlwise with yarn in front;

M: marker.


Row 0a: Cast on 9 stitches;

R 1a-2a-3a: k to 3 sts before end of row, s3p;

R 4a: k3, yo, PM, k3, PM, yo, s3p;

Restart row counting

Row1 (RS): k3, yo, k to M, yo, SM, k3, SM, yo, k to 3 sts before end of row, yo, s3p;

Row 2 (WS): k3, p to M, SM, k3, SM, p to 3 sts before end of row, s3p;

R3: repeat row 1;

R4: repeat row 2;

R5: repeat row 1;

Row 6: k to M, SM, k3, SM, k to 3 sts before end of row, s3p;

R7: repeat row 1;

R8: repeat row 2;

R9: repeat row 1;

R10: repeat row 2;

R11: repeat row 1;

R12: repeat row 6;

R13: repeat row 1;

R14: repeat row 2;

R15: repeat row 1;

R16: repeat row 2;

R17: repeat row 1;

R18: repeat row 6;

Row 19: k3, yo, (k2tog + yo) rep. to 1 st. before M, k1, yo, SM, k3, SM, yo, k1, (yo + ssk) to 3 sts before end of row, yo, s3p;

R20: repeat row 2;

R21: repeat row 19;

R22: repeat row 2;

R23: repeat row 19;

R24: repeat row 6;

R25-48: repeat rows 1-24;

R49-72: repeat rows 1-24;

R73-96: repeat rows 1-24;

R97-120: repeat rows 1-24;

R121-144: repeat rows 1-24;

R145: repeat row 1;

R146: repeat row 2;

R147: I-Cord bind off. *k2, k2tog, slip these sts off the right needle, returning them onto the left needle *, rep. from * to *, to 3 sts before end of row and close with simple stitch overs. Weave in yarn ends with a tapestry needle, wash and block.

Eivissa Shawl

©Alessandro Estrella. This pattern is for personal use only. The pattern reproduction, disclosure, the use for commercial purpose as well as the sale of garments made from it without the permission of the designer are prohibited: