4 seasons shawls, perfect throughout the whole year

Which accessory is fun, elegant, versatile and one that you can wear throughout all the seasons of the year? The shawl! Whether it’s in crochet or knit the 4 seasons shawls are the perfect accessories for the whole year. If you’re passionate about colour combinations and degrades, you must already know about Katia Ombré and Katia Spring Rainbow, our yarns for your 4 seasons shawls.


One pack of Katia Ombré = one full colour shawl

Put some colour into your day with Katia Ombré! We propose 7 packs with 6 balls of 100% Merino Extrafine in different colours. You only need one pack to make one full colour shawl. Play with the possible colour combinations to design your own shawl or follow the instructions in our free knit and crochet shawl patterns which are ideal for any occasion. Tell us, which is going to be your favourite colour combination?

katia-ombre-shawls-four-seasons-01 katia-ombre-shawls-four-seasons-02

Katia Spring Rainbow, the art of degrade

Crochet or knit a magnificent 4 seasons shawl with one of our most “magical” yarns… Katia Spring Rainbow. And why do we say this? Well, because whilst knitting or crocheting with Spring Rainbow you’ll discover a unique and innovative degrade effect thanks to its manual 4 end elaboration. Knit or crochet a shawl with our Spring Rainbow patterns and see how the 4 ends alternate in a progressive transition of colour. Furthermore, each ball of Spring Rainbow – of any of the 14 colours available – starts and finishes with the same colour.


Knit, share and connect!

If you are already knitting or crocheting your shawl, share the results with us at hashtag #Katia4seasons on Instagram.