Premium Designers: Hook up with Isabell Kraemer and her textured jumper with stripes for Katia Concept

26 January, 2017

Premium Designers

Isabell Kraemer creates designs for everyday use intended for today´s knitters. This German designer is a lover of the great outdoors and is strongly influenced by nature. This inspiration is based on beauty without artifice, the richness of the materials employed and her personality as a knitter. All of which completely define the spirit of our line Concept by Katia.

Isabell Kraemer

Her contemporary and casual designs always go one step further. This is the key to her enormous success as a designer of knitwear. Even so, for Isabell Kraemer “being a mother is the best thing that has happened to me (in fact one of my jumpers has the name of my son), followed very closely – in second place – by my husband and my three cats”.

Isabell Kraemer

Premium Designers: Isabell Kraemer

Isabell proclaims herself to be “a confessed addict of printed stripes” and is also “hooked” on seamless garments. Not because she doesn´t like sewing (we stand before a qualified clothing designer), but because she loves to see how the garments begin to take form whilst in progress. A process that you can experience yourself thanks to her exclusive design for Katia Concept: Textured Jumper With Stripes. Follow the pattern showing how to knit her marvellous textured seamless jumper with stripes using Katia Cotton Merino. Get hooked on Isabell Kraemer!

Isabell Kraemer

[PDF: Textured Jumper with Stripes by Isabell Kraemer]