Christmas Sweater pattern by @vicnaranjavicristal 💗🦌 (Not so) Ugly Xmas Sweater Challenge

24 October, 2023

Here’s a knitting challenge that brings together creativity, a sense of humor, no insecurities, and a desire to have fun this Christmas. We suggest knitting and customizing your own “ugly” Christmas jumper with WOW! by Katia yarns and threads. We’re making it really easy for you! Be inspired or follow the step-by-step instructions for this Christmas Sweater pattern designed by @vicnaranjavicristal. And, obviously, you can add your personal touch with a bit of creativity (and no shame). Here’s the (Not so) Ugly Xmas Sweater Challenge by @WOWbyKatia on TikTok!

Free Christmas Sweater Pattern

Christmas Sweater pattern by @vicnaranjavicristal 

Celebrate this Christmas with style, creativity, and fun by taking part in the (Not so) Ugly Xmas Sweater Challenge by @WOWbyKatia on TikTok. Let your imagination run wild with the Christmas sweater pattern by @vicnaranjavicristal. Knit a Christmas sweater that reflects your personality and share it with us before December 15, 2023, tagging @wowbykatia and using the #WOWUglySweater hashtag. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect; imperfections are part of its charm. Join the Ugly Christmas Sweater celebration and win incredible prizes! 

Ugly Xmas Sweater Challenge

Ideas to customize your Christmas Sweater 

Here are some (more or less easy) ideas to customize and wear the most fun, tacky, and ugly (well, not so ugly) Christmas Sweater: 

  • Combine other stitches and choose your favorite WOW! by Katia colors on
  • Add elements like pompoms, tassels, fringe… 
  • Knit or embroider the center motif with other Christmas motifs: inside this pattern, you have a template to color in your own design. 

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, or your stitches don’t look perfect. Imperfections are also part of the irresistible charm of the Ugly Sweater! 

Ugly Xmas Sweater Challenge

(Not so) Ugly Xmas Sweater Challenge 

Take part before December 15, 2023*, by proudly sharing your sweater, knit completely with balls of WOW! By Katia, on TikTok and tagging @wowbykatia + #WOWUglySweater. 

*This day is the Ugly Sweater Day: yes, there’s a special day to celebrate the existence of the Ugly Christmas Sweater. 

Winners and awards 

We’ll choose two winning sweaters: one through a public draw among all the participants and another by popular choice. In both cases, follow @wowbykatia on TikTok to stay up to date with the designs and selection process. 

Lastly, the winners will receive the WOW! By Katia Kit they prefer as a gift as well as a few more surprises. 

💗🦌 Stand out and make this Christmas a memorable experience! 

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