10 easy elegant knitwear designs using our carefully selected natural yarns from Concept by Katia

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance is a quote from the French designer Coco Chanel. In this post, we are going to use a selection of 10 easy elegant knitwear designs to illustrate this phrase. To do so, we invite you to discover these designs in our Katia Concept 5 magazine: simple forms, on trend fashion colours and basic stitches for knitting versatile exquisite garments with personality. Not forgetting, of course, the key role played by the Concept by Katia materials: a carefully selected range of natural yarns for the choosiest of knitters. Without further ado, here are the key points we’ve highlighted regarding these 10 easy elegant knitwear designs. Take note and make the difference with Katia Concept!

easy elegant knitwear

Easy elegant knitwear designs

1 | This jumper, knitted in a sensational tone of blue, combines 3×2 ribbing and stockinette st. And the result? A light weight jumper with pockets and a pronounced V neckline which makes quite a different look.

easy elegant knitwear

Katia All Seasons Cotton 

The key points: 100% combed and mercerised cotton. Available in a range of 16 contemporary shiny colours. Ideal for comfortable, elegant and feminine 4 seasons garments.

2 | This jumper combines fashion colour stripes, drop stitch texture detail at the waist and ¾ length sleeves. There’s no doubting that this between seasons garment will aspire to be the favourite piece in your wardrobe.

easy elegant knitwear

3 | Next, we are highlighting a sensual shoulder revealing top with knotted sleeves. Also, note the remarkable irregular texture created by the yarn Katia Polynesia which has been knitted in stockinette stitch.

easy elegant knitwear

4 | A romantic short crossover tie top knitted in a subtle shade of powdered rose. The fine lines of eyelet stitch detail, body shape and borders give the design a delicate appearance.

easy elegant knitwear

Katia Polynesia 

The key points: A cotton, linen and viscose blend slub yarn. Soft and light. Perfect for attractive feminine jumpers.

5 | An elegant three quarter sleeve jumper with pique edges, a stylised waist section in 1×1 ribbing and a V-neckline. Furthermore, the sweetness of the mint shade converts this into an specially flattering garment.

easy elegant knitwear

Katia Cotton-Cashmere 

The key points: 90% cotton & 10% cashmere. Silky handle. Soft delicate colours. Perfect for between season shawls and garments with openwork stitches.

6 | Vaporous knit tunic with button through side openings, wide neckline and long sleeves. The drop stitch detail gives the garment a casual, comfortable and carefree look.

easy elegant knitwear

Katia Silk-Viscose 

The key points: A 50% silk and 50% viscose blend. Soft jaspe colours with a slightly rustic appearance. Sensational for making comfortable between season jackets and women’s knit jumpers.

7 | Make a simple look with this long revere collar waistcoat. This is actually a very simple pattern that can be adapted to different lengths and is extremely attractive thanks to the pretty openwork stitch.

easy elegant knitwear

Katia Lincys 

The key points: 100% linen. Light cool natural yarn. Jaspe colours. Fantastic for making openwork stitch crochet garments and knitted shawls.

8 | Marvellous jumper with front opening, elegant fitted three quarter length sleeves and a round neckline. Another example of how a combination of simple knit stitches can create a spectacular design.

easy elegant knitwear

9 | There is no question that lingerie tops are one of the most feminine garments for women. Inspired by this trend, we propose this sensual lingerie style knit top. Take note because it is knitted with only 4 balls of Katia Seta 50.

easy elegant knitwear

10 | And last but not least, are you looking for an easy elegant design to make in crochet? Then we propose this magnificent eyelet stitch crochet jacket in a sweet raspberry colour.

easy elegant knitwear

Katia Seta 50 

The key points: 50% silk & 50% viscose. Soft pastel colours. Magnificent for knitting and crocheting women’s openwork tops, cardigans and jackets.

Concept 5 Magazine

So what do you think of our selection of 10 easy elegant knitwear designs? Do you feel encouraged to make one? Share your knit and crochet ideas, queries and knowledge by posting a comment. And by the way, all these patterns and many more are published in our Concept 5 by Katia magazine. Also, remember that you can buy the individual patterns in a downloadable pdf format on our Website. We hope we’ve helped you to find the inspiration for your next knitwear project!

easy elegant knitwear

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