How to crochet a sweater? Tips about yarns, hooks, sizes, gauge swatches, finishes, dye lots…

When we think about a handmade jumper we immediately think of one that has been knitted on two needles. What if we were to show you how to crochet sweaters, jackets and cardigans? For a lot of people who crochet, summer is definitely the best season for making crochet tops. However, when the cold weather arrives knitted garments become the key garments of the season. At Katia we want you to be able to enjoy both of these techniques all year round. So this time we are proposing a selection of women’s crochet sweaters, waistcoats and jackets for you.

  • Take note! Because we are also sharing a series of tips about yarns, crochet hooks, sizes, tension squares and finishes. Learn everything you need to know so you can make easy, quick, customized crochet jumpers.

crochet sweaters

Yarns and crochet hooks

In the first place, you need to choose the correct Katia yarns and crochet hook for your project. The choice of materials is dependent on the desired look. For example: sometimes crochet stitches can be very tightly packed together. To avoid this happening, and even though there is a recommended crochet hook size on the yarn label, a lot of patterns recommend using a larger size crochet hook. Both the yarn and the size of the crochet hook effect the final appearance and drape of the garment.

crochet sweaters

Colours and dyes

When you choose the colour or colours for your crochet sweaters, pay attention to how many balls of yarn you are going to need. We recommend that you buy enough yarn at the beginning, because even if the colour reference is the same, the yarn dye lot may differ. On our web site just click on the M, L, XL, XXL buttons to see the recommended number of balls required for each size.

How to crochet a sweater

Sizes and gauge swatches 

Do you have any queries about the pattern size you want to make? Before you do anything, take your measurements (or the measurements of the lucky person who is going to wear the jumper): bust, waist, body and arm length. You will find graphs with measurements for the back, front and sleeves for all available sizes in all of the Katia patterns. Take these measurements into account when choosing the correct size.

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Now it is the turn of the gauge swatch of 4×4”. It is essential to make this small crochet square – in the stitch indicated in the pattern – before starting the project. The crochet tension and the way the hook is inserted into the work varies from person to person. Therefore, knowing the number of stitches and rows of you 4×4” swatch will help you to choose the correct hook, adapt the pattern if necessary, and above all, avoid future disappointments.

  • Remember: the tension square information is included in all the instructions found in the Katia magazines, do not skip it!

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Lastly, it is important to decide whether or not to block the garment once finished. In this particular case it is also necessary to press the tension square before measuring it. Blocking ensures that the final form of most crochet garments and accessories is more defined. In general, it is particularly effective for eyelet stitch projects, when the yarn allows it. Blocking can be done before or after fastening off all the loose ends.

Crochet sweaters

Now that you have sufficient information to start making crochet cardigans, waistcoats and jumpers, we invite you to discover the women’s crochet garments available in downloadable PDF format on our website. We hope that you will find your next project among our patterns! And of course, we would love to read all about your experiences making crochet sweaters. Or hear from you with more crochet tips, will you tell us yours?

crochet sweaters

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