Craft Lovers ♥ Crochet watermelon bunting made by Les Moustachoux with Bulky Cotton and Big Alabama

Prepare yourself to travel back in time to your childhood with the “finder of small treasures” Anne-Sophie and her blog Les Moustachoux: a space of unique discoveries. Vintage games, adorable children’s collectibles, decorative retro objects, charming antique markets… Les Moustachoux –without doubt, an authentic Craft Lover– invites us to remember and relive (sharing with the little ones) the emotions and memories that the objects generate. After browsing through her inspirational blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts it’ll be impossible to keep the smile off your face and remember one of the emotive scenes from the French film Amélie: “Only the person who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb could understand Amélie’s excitement on finding this treasure hidden by a child, 40 years ago…”


We are enthusiastic about sharing this amusing summery tutorial that Anne-Sophie, a passionate decoration and DIY enthusiast, has created for Craft Lovers using Katia Bulky Cotton and Big Alabama: a crochet watermelon bunting. You only need one ball of Bulky Cotton col. 59 and one ball of Big Alabama col. 22 to make these refreshing watermelon slices. Just like Les Moustachoux, we also like watermelon with pips or seeds. If you do too, don’t forget to embroider a few simple stitches with Amigurumi 100% Cotton in black. There you have it! A watermelon bunting that’s so delicious there’s no doubt that someone will want to sink their teeth into it…


Crochet watermelon garland bunting by Les Moustachoux

1 ball of Bulky Cotton col. 59

1 ball of Big Alabama col. 22 , Amigurumi 100% Cotton in black
Crochet hook: G6 (U.S.)/(4 mm)
Wool sewing needle

ch. st = chain stitch
s.c. = single crochet
sl. st = slip stitch
st / sts = stitch / stitches
rw = row
wk = work


‘Watermelon Garland Bunting’ crochet pattern

Using Big Alabama col. 22 (green), chain 22 sts in chain stitch. Row 1: make 1 ch. st to turn the work and work 1 s.c. in each ch. st.

Row 2: Change colour. Using Bulky Cotton col. 59 (red), work 1 ch. st at start to turn the work then work 1 s.c. in each st from the previous row.

Row 3 = repeat until the end: Start with 1 ch. st to turn the work, skip the first st, work 1 s.c. in each st from the previous row. Continue working in this manner for every row, always skipping the first st to continue decreasing until the last row when there will only be one st left. Fasten off. Embroider the seeds using the black Amigurumi 100% Cotton yarn. Fasten off. Make 5 more watermelon triangles the same.


Making up. Using Big Alabama col. 22 (green), chain 202 sts in chain stitch. (To help you count: 20 ch. sts to start, 22 sts for the watermelon triangle, 6 sts for the separation, 22 sts, 6 sts, 22 sts, 6 sts, 22 sts, 6 sts, 22 sts, 6 sts, 22 sts, and 20 sts to finish).

Row 1: Work 1 ch. st to turn the work and work 20 s.c. in the first 20 ch sts. Insert crochet hook through st no. 21 and through the first st of the triangle (from behind) at the same time and work 1 sl. st. Continue in sl. st until the end of the triangle. Then work 6 s.c. in the chain st and continue in the same manner with the second watermelon triangle.
Continue adding the triangles leaving 6 s.c. between each one. When all the 6 watermelon triangles have been added to the chain st strip, work up to the end in s.c., then cut yarn and fasten off using a wool sewing needle.