5 creative embroidery ideas to customize knitwear with Señorita Lylo

10 October, 2023

Get ready to step into El Bosque de Hilos (Forest of Threads) with Señorita Lylo. In this special e-book, you’ll find 5 creative embroidery ideas designed to bring knitwear to life with Katia yarns. It’s, indeed, a space where the past and the present meet. Where ancestral wisdom is combined with modern design.

creative embroidery ideas: El Bosque de Hilos e-book

5 creative embroidery ideas

On this stroll through El Bosque de Hilos, Señorita Lylo will guide your hands through 5 video tutorials so that you can learn how to customize knitted sweaters and cardigans with exquisite embroidery step by step.

creative embroidery ideas: El Bosque de Hilos e-book

1 | Caleidoscopio Sweater

Make something basic extraordinary with the Caleidoscopio Sweater. A true gem knit with merino yarn, decorated with embroidered flowers that add a unique personal touch. 

Embroidery knitted sweater  

2 | Damero Coat 

You just need to embroider chain stitch to create the abstract design of the Damero Coat. It´s a long, warm and comfortable garment.

Knitting pattern embroidered coat wool

3 | Hojas Cardigan

Feel the magic of fall in the Hojas Cardigan with its beautiful embroidered leaf design on the back. But also on the shoulder and one sleeve.  

Cardigan pattern with leaf motif embroidery

4 | Paseo Coat 

Start your creative embroidery adventure with the Paseo Coat. And make a long and open garment with bunches of embroidered daisies.

Knitting pattern wool coat with Daisy embroideries

5 | Serpentina Sweater 

Discover the uniqueness of the Serpentina Sweater. With its background color and close neckline, featuring beautiful motif embroidery.

Embroidered knitting sweater pattern

El Bosque de Hilos by Señorita Lylo E-book

This e-book is more than a simple embroidery guide. This is a journey toward personal expression. Toward making basic garments 100% unique. This is the start to this new 100% YOU creative adventure! 

creative embroidery ideas: El Bosque de Hilos e-book