How to make an A-line skirt for this fall using our free pattern

6 October, 2023

It’s time to welcome the month of October in style! If you want to learn how to make this A-line skirt for this fall, we recommend watching the video tutorial that comes with the free sewing pattern by Andrea @andreacondes_design. In this post, Andrea shows you how to make a midi A-line skirt with pockets. If you prefer, it also comes with a short skirt option. You’ll see it’s a versatile, elegant, and super flattering skirt for all body types. It’s also very simple to sew with our cotton fabrics: Viyela and micro-corduroy.

How to make an A-line skirt

Andrea, who’s been passionate about fashion since a young age, has put together these step-by-step instructions. She started sewing dresses for her dolls until her sister Celia was born, who became her official model. Now, Andrea shares her wonderful designs and sewing patterns on her Instagram and website.

How to make an A-line skirt

How to make an A-line skirt with @andreacondes_design

With this easy pattern, you’ll learn how to make an A-line skirt. It’s ideal to sew with our cotton fabrics, Viyela and micro-corduroy.

Basic materials

To make this skirt, you need the following materials and sewing tools:

How to make an A-line skirt

Make this skirt in 10 steps

  1. First, print and assemble the pattern following the diagram in the instructions.
  2. Cut the skirt pieces as shown in the video and the diagram in the instructions. In total, you should have: 1 front skirt piece, 1 front facing, 2 back pieces, 2 back facings and 4 pockets.
  3. Before sewing, interface all the facings. Sew the facings. To do so, place right sides facing each other to sew along the sides.
  4. Next, sew the 4 pockets to the sides.
  5. Place the skirt pieces facing each other and match up the sides. Sew along the entire edge, following the shape of the pockets.
  6. Sew the invisible zipper. Before sewing it, sew the back that doesn’t have the zipper with a 2-cm seam allowance.
  7. Next, sew the facing, placing right sides facing each other and sewing along the entire edge of the skirt.
  8. Turn the facing inward and sew it down so that it doesn’t stick out.
  9. Sew the skirt hem with a handkerchief hem. In the video tutorial, you can see how to do it in detail.
  10. Finally, iron all the seams well so that they remain flat.

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How to make an A-line skirt

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