3 colour combinations to knit your next Merino jumper using stripes, jacquard, granny squares…

Are you unsure about how to combine colours for your knit and crochet projects? Then take note of these 3 colour combinations. You can knit or crochet them using our wide range of Merino yarn. We suggest the following colour trends: cream and blue greens, beige and red or grey with violet and lilac. Choose the perfect colours from the balls of Katia Merino 100%Basic Merino, Merino Aran and Merino Sport.

colour combinations

colour combinations

To get you inspired, we are sharing this free knitting pattern. It features a between seasons jumper –Sweater Weather- with geometric motifs in jacquard stitch.  Moreover, optimize these colour combinations for other patterns like Nordic jacquard stitch borders, stripes, granny squares, etc.  You can knit or crochet with these 3 fashionable colour combinations. In addition, follow our tips to create your own colour palettes.

colour combinations Merino jumper

Merino Yarn

Merino is one of the most popular and finest wool fibres in the world. It is soft, and protects us from both the cold and the heat. You can find a wide variety of yarns containing merino wool at Katia. They include Katia Merino 100%Basic Merino, Merino Aran or Merino Sport. Each of these yarns has a colour palette ranging from naturals through to pastels and bright tones.

Merino jumper

Discover the versatility of this yarn! Furthermore, knit or crochet printed stripes, granny squares and Nordic Fair Isle patterns in fashionable colour combinations.

Printed stripes

There is a huge range of solid colours available at Katia. Thanks to this, you can knit or crochet an infinite number of multi-coloured stripe options. For example, combine turquoise, green, violet and mauve stripes to make this long youthful poncho in Merino Aran.

poncho with stripes

Crochet squares or granny squares

When it comes to crochet, we propose some granny square patterns in different colours. Like this Basic Merino crochet jumper made in an autumnal combination of natural colours.

granny square sweater

Nordic style patterns

Finally, jumpers inspired by Nordic design are the must-knits of the season. Play with infinite colour combinations to knit Alpine border designs and geometric motifs. We propose this high neck sweater in Merino Aran with a traditional jacquard stitch yoke design.

sweater weather patterns

Tips for combining colours

There’s no doubt that combining colours can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, we have a few tips to help you create the perfect colour palette. To start with, try a gradient colour effect using tones of the same colour. This is one of the easiest methods.

sweater weather patterns

Additionally, you can use a neutral tone like grey, beige, white or black for the main colour. Then, combine it with other colours.

sweater knitting patterns

Finally, follow the colour wheel to help you combine complementary colours – like blue and orange. Remember to maintain the intensity of the colour tones.

colour combinations colour combinations

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