Let´s sew with the new Halloween collection: how to make a monster cushion with sounds

13 October, 2019

Hi, I´m Ekaterina and for my blog Diyctators.com I create easy to follow instructions for DIY  children´s clothes that are fashionable and practical with a playful extra, that every kid loves.
My two sons are my biggest inspiration. They guide me to extraordinary and cool ideas through their fantasy.

Since my first experience with Katia Fabrics, I am in love with the great modern prints and the child-friendly quality. The way the tissues look in a single piece of clothes is as great as in a whole kiddo`s outfit.
I´ve already sewn a pair of cute baby accessories and a jacket with a west for my son with the Prehistoric collection

monster cushion tutorial


As soon as the Halloween collection came out, I knew I had to make the monster pillows. Although I couldn`t miss a little extra.
To add a scary fun factor, I´ve built a sound module into the monster pillow, bringing the lovely monsters to life.

You can find such a sound module easily on the internet. 
My tip: Exactly these sound modules are installed in many dolls and other interactive toys. Maybe you will find one in an old doll. Ask friends and relatives about old toys or try it at a flea market.

How to make a monster cushion

All you need for the scary little monster is:

  •  The front and back of the pillow print
  •  60 x 60 cm adhesive insert in light thickness
  • 60 x 60 cm volume fleece
  •  Some filling material
  • Sound module for toys
  • scissors
  • suitable sewing thread
  • pins
  • sewing needle

monster cushion supplies


First you should iron on the adhesive insert on the left side of the monster prints. The insert makes the pillow more robust and the further processing very easy.

monster cushion iron


Cut the dashed line along the print.
Stick volume fleece to the left side of the two and cushion pieces and sew close to the edge with a simple hand stitch.
Cut back the overhanging volume fleece. But do not throw those leftovers away. You will need them right away.

monster cushion fleece


The sound module consists of a plastic speaker and two outgoing cables. This is the recording – and the play button.
Attach the sound module to the back of the pillow.

Put the leftover pieces under the speakers to make this spot a little softer. Place the two cables in the arms of the monster. This makes it easier for kids to play with Rec and Play buttons.

monster cushion sound

Fix the cables and the speaker with hand stitches on the volume fleece so nothing can slip.

monster cushion sound


Put the two cushion parts with the right side on each other. Stick all layers with pins and sew with 1 cm seam allowance the pillow all around the edge.

Leave a 10 cm opening. Carefully turn the cushion to the right side through this opening.

monster cushion filler

Close the opening with the ladder stitch and hand needle.

ladder stitch


monster cushion tutorial

You can fill sound modules and all pillow prints and make very different recordings. Maybe the little monsters like to talk to each other ..

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