5 girl dresses to shine these holidays: patterns with step-by-step instructions

We present 5 girl dresses to shine at family meetings during Christmas parties. Morning walks, snacks in that special cafe to eat a warm drink, dinner at grandparents’ house. Special days where the important thing is not what but with whom. And also days to get ready and wear our best clothes. Girls and their dresses these days are a must, but without losing comfort so they can enjoy freely. We have selected 5 sewing patterns of dresses with various combinations of fabrics for all tastes.

5 Girl dresses

5 girl dresses to shine these holidays

Poplin dresses

Our favorite dress is the poplin dress pattern. A very flirtatious shirt dress with many details. Long sleeve, puckered skirt, peter pan collar, and front buttons. Sizes available from 5 to 12 years.

kid dress with snakes

kid dress with foxes

kid dress with lanterns

To make this dress we recommend these poplins:

We continue with 100% cotton fabric dresses.

In this case for sizes from 12 months to 4 years. A daily dress with a hidden front button. Without collar and A-skirt shape. With a cut in one of the waists as a special touch.

dress little with fairies

dress little with wolves

dress little with fairies

For this model we recommend the following poplin:

Sweat dresses

The following dresses are made of winter sweat fabric, they are woven with the plush interior. Very comfortable and warm for girls.

The first for girls from 5 to 12 years is a sweatshirt dress, more casual but at the same time very stylish. It is the pattern plush dress, with long sleeve, hood, and plastic pockets.

sweatshirt dress with wolves

sweatshirt dress with witches

We recommend the following winter sweat to carry out this project:

A similar model for children between 12 months and 4 years is the sweat dress pattern and leggings. An A-line dress with side cuts and front pockets. Sweatshirt collar and side button opening on the shoulder. This pattern also includes leggings in jersey fabric.

dress and leggings

dress little jazz

To make this model we suggest these two combinations in sweat and jersey:

And finally, we want to show you a very complete baby model of dress, hat, and knitted panties and fabric collar.

Dress + neck warmer + booties + Jersey knit: hat & knickers Pattern

Baby set in fabric and yarn.  Long-sleeved dress, with pockets and button opening on one of the shoulders.

baby dress for xmas

To make it we recommend the following fabrics and wool:

We hope you enjoyed this selection of girl dresses. Let´s sew!

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