Snapshots from World Wide Knit in Public Day 2016

29 June, 2016

How did you celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day? We sincerely hope that you enjoyed a day out of doors in the company of other knitters and crocheters. Here at Katia we’re receiving numerous images of the different events in which we collaborated with our “grain of yarn”.  Warmer and friendlier cities thanks to your yarn bombing events, the sharing of  knowledge between different generations, connecting and making new friendships thanks to a shared passion for knit and crochet, groups involved in charitable projects… Thanks so much to everybody for showing us all your enthusiasm for yet another year. We want to share the joy that your photos are emanating, so here are some of the many snapshots of the events that we’ve announced over these last few weeks on our Facebook page and the Katia Knit Day Map. A good selection of these 1015 meetups in 57 countries that, according to the official World Wide Knit in Public Day web (WWKiPD), took place in this edition. Congratulations to everybody for making this connection between knit and crochet lovers all over the world possible!