Looking for an adventure? Sew coats, shirts or jackets with our fabrics with camping, mountain and travel prints

Get to know our beautiful fabrics with camping, mountain, and travel prints. In the travel-themed Adventure Seekers collection, you will find small drawings of tents, backpacks, mountains, rivers, cameras, and everything in shades of green and mustard. Sew coats, shirts, or jackets for your next family trip or outing and live a unique adventure. The base fabrics of this collection are the winter Soft-shell, soft Jersey, the fresh Popelin, and the new Rustic Cotton.

Fabrics with camping prints are ideal for making winter garments such as a windbreaker anorak or a shirt for your hiking escapades.

Fabrics with camping, mountain, and travel prints

Poplin Adventure Items

The first fabric in the collection is a 100% cotton poplin with a camping gear print such as a backpack, tent, canoe, binoculars, or lamp on a green background. Ideal for sewing fun clothes for the little ones in the house or decoration accessories for their rooms. Look how well it looks in this basic long-sleeved shirt, whose pattern you can find in the miniME AW21/22 magazine.

Jersey Adventure Seekers

Our second fabric is a jersey knit featuring a bear exploring nature, in the river or in the mountains, on a soft green background. An ideal fabric for making t-shirts, pajamas, and accessories such as collars or hats.

Soft-shell Adventure Seekers

With the same print as the previous one, but this time on a Soft-Shell fabric. It has a fleece lining on the back and a windproof intermediate layer. Ideal for sewing winter garments such as coats or jackets. A very easy fabric to sew, since it is not elastic or frays.

Rustic Cotton Adventure

From the same collection, find these two pretty Rustic Cotton with fun camera silhouettes. Available in khaki green or mustard. Rustic Cotton is a 100% rustic effect cotton fabric, very pleasant and soft to the touch, with a heavier weight than our normal poplin.

Ideal for sewing timeless garments such as shirts, dresses, pants, blouses, or skirts.

If you are a photography lover, this is your fabric!

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