Create the sweetest baby clothes with our Savana Universe

Would you like to sew baby clothes but don’t know where to begin? Make something special for your baby with all the care and tenderness that he or she deserves?

We want to give you some advice and ideas to keep in mind whether or not you are just starting to sew or you want to make up quick and easy patterns.

Baby skin is very delicate therefore the best fabrics to use should be 100% natural, soft and breathable. All of our fabrics are cotton rich and the perfect choice for making all kinds of garments. They are also ideal for making home items and baby accessories.

baby clothes

♥ S A V A N A Universe ♥

The S A V A NA collection is perfect for them and you have 3 poplin fabrics and 2 knitted jersey fabrics to choose from. A very charming collection in pastel colours that we’re certain you’re going to fall in love with. Flowers, flamingos and jungle animals are the key print themes in this collection.

  baby clothes

We’ve created 5 patterns for this collection. According to the difficulty of the patterns we present 2 easy ones:

baby clothes

And 3 intermediate patterns for knitted jersey fabrics:

baby clothes

Advantages of making baby clothing

· Baby pattern dimensions are usually much smaller than adult clothing therefore easier to manage when tracing and cutting out the pattern pieces. Furthermore, when it’s time to put everything away they occupy much less space, something which you’re sure to be grateful for because it helps keep your sewing corner so much tidier.

· The amount of fabric that you are going to need is much smaller. You’ll be surprised at the things you can make with small pieces of fabric that are left over from other projects.

· Tiny clothing is so cute, and you know it.

· The benefits of sewing in general are many and they deserve a post all to themselves. But amongst the most important of these benefits is developing patience, creativity, being nimble with your fingers and mindfulness or full awareness of the present.

baby clothes

Enjoy this spring whilst sewing with our Savana Universe. Chose your pattern and favourite fabrics in our KATIA FABRICS SHOP!