Sewing comfortable clothing for kids is possible. Sweatshirts, trousers, leggings…

Would you like to be able to sew comfortable clothing for kids? Like sweatshirts, trousers or leggings for example. A whole world of possibilities opens up before you with these fabrics. Sewing with knitted fabrics may seem complicated, but contrary to what you might imagine, it is actually really easy and the results are spectacular. Both jersey and sweatshirt fabrics are soft, warm materials, and above all, they are elastic. This is important when it comes to your little ones being comfortable and able to play without the fabrics pulling and inhibiting them from moving freely.

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Sewing comfortable clothing for kids is possible with Katia Fabrics

Many of the fabrics in our collection are jersey and sweatshirt fabric (or fleece). Why? You may ask. Well because we love dressing little ones in amusing and unique prints, but first and foremost, so that they feel free and happy whilst wearing them. If you are a beginner we recommend that you start with sweatshirt fabric (fleece) and make a sweatshirt top with one of our step by step patterns. Not even you are going to believe you have done it yourself. The sweatshirt fabric is very easy to work with, does not unravel, and even though it is elastic it is not too elastic like jersey fabric.

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Once you are more accustomed to working with the sweatshirt fabric you can move on to sewing t.shirts or leggings with jersey and you will soon see how quick it is to make these garments and how proud you will be to see the results on yourself, your family and your friends.

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We have made a selection of the most comfortable patterns for kids along with the most suitable fabrics to make them up in. Do you feel inspired to try one of these projects?

Sewing comfortable clothing
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Sewing comfortable baby clothing
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Don’t loose the thread…

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