Rainbow Mask 🌈 with the new Antibacterial Poplin

The masks for children and not so children can be fun and original. And that is why we have created this tutorial to make the most colorful and happy mask. In Katia, we have incorporated in these last days to our tissue catalog a new antibacterial poplin with biocide and waterproof treatment to make reusable “homemade” masks. In white and 7 solid colors. Combining these colors we have made this beautiful mask inspired by the rainbow that has accompanied us so much these days.

Poplin antibacterial


New Antibacterial Poplin


New Antibacterial Poplin Tecnosani White is an antibacterial 100% organic cotton fabric with the GOTS certification. It is suitable for sewing reusable face masks thanks to the biocide treatment which neutralizes bacteria and the waterproof finish that repels the penetration of saliva droplets. In addition to it being certified, this white antibacterial poplin meets the new UNE-0065 standard and is equivalent to the FFTP-2 standard. Follow our step by step videos showing how to make children’s and adult water-resistant face masks with a TNT filter, medical hats, gloves, and gowns.

Washing Recommendations:

  • Wash using a neutral detergent.
  • The fabric can be washed with bleach up to a temperature of 60º.
  • After washing, dry iron (without steam) at a temperature of 120º/140º for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • The treatments remain effective for up to 25 washes.


poplin antibacterial



Sew reusable plain-colored masks with this poplin, 100% organic cotton that, with waterproof treatment, this fabric also is treated with antibacterial Biocide and is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This label assures the consumer the analysis and control of substances harmful to health in threads and fabrics. 😷💦

Washing recommendations:

  • After 25 washes, the treatment begins to lose properties.
  • If it is washed at 60º, as it is recommended to wash the masks for proper disinfection, the print could gradually lose the intensity of its colors.
  • Wash with a neutral detergent.
  • NO use bleach.
  • Important that after washing apply an iron (dry) at 120º / 140º for 10 to 15 seconds.

poplin antibacterial

tecnosani colors

Here we detail the materials and tools you will need.


It is important that the fabrics are washed and ironed to start working with them.


  • Scissors
  • Paper, pencil, and scissors
  • Markers
  • Pins
  • Thread cord
  • Sewing machine

How to sew a Rainbow mask

1. The first thing you should do is cut strips about 3.5 cm wide along the length of the mask you are going to make. 

2. Sew the strips together as you see in the photo.

3. Make a double hem (0.5cm + 0.5cm) at the top and do a topstitch.

4. Place the elastic or strips of jersey 1cm from each end and sew. Lay right against right and sew. Leaving the entire top open to be able to place a filter.

5. Turn the mask inside out, remove the corners well, and iron. Make folds according to size and sew sides and bottom to hold.

6. You already have your rainbow mask ready!


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