How to sew a shirt collar: Learn to sew

Whats the betting that you think sewing a shirt is a complicated affair, above all the collar, true? Well, in today’s sewing class we are going to show you how to sew a shirt collar with a step by step video. You’ll soon see how easy it is and subsequently you’ll be able to try your hand at some of our awesome shirt or shirt dress patterns.

For this project we have used this amusing 100% cotton fabric from the Into the jungle collection:  Jumping Monkeys featuring a monkey print on a white background. For the pattern we have used the basic shirt, but the tutorial can be applied to any shirt collar. Furthermore, poplin fabrics are cool and breathable, the ideal choice for summer garments.

how to sew a shirt collar

How to sew a shirt collar

To follow today’s tutorial, besides the basic requirements including the pattern, fabric, iron and sewing machine you will also need a fine weight adhesive interfacing.

How to sew a shirt collar supplies

First cut out the pattern in the fabric 2 times and one time in the interfacing. Then iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of one of the collar pieces. Sew as shown in the video.

How to sew a shirt collar supplies

If you are a sewing beginner, here are a few recommendations when attaching a shirt collar:

– If you feel more comfortable doing so, or you are just starting to sew, baste the pieces together before sewing them on the machine.

Trim the seam allowances at the corners so the edges are not too bulky when you turn them out to the right side.

– Every time you sew a seam, iron.

How to sew a shirt collar

Remember, not all collars are the same and the instructions may vary slightly depending on your particular pattern.

Make sure to follow the each pattern instructions carefully in order to achieve a perfect result!

how to sew a shirt collar

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