Printable project sheets for your Book of Yarns

We’re celebrating World Book Day with a creative competition called My Book Of Yarns where we are inviting you to design and create the front cover of your project book using yarns. A kind of compilation diary where you can keep and review all your knit and crochet notes and records. There’s no doubt that this will be a unique, valuable and endless work of art. Don’t you agree? 😉 If you want to create your Book Of Yarns, and try for a prize at the same time, we’ll explain how to take part here.


In addition to encouraging you to create your own personal cover, we want to help you  make it easy to produce the book contents. So we’ve designed this practical printable project sheet for you. Click on Katia project sheet to print and register your pending projects, started and finished. Fill in each sheet with the model’s name, materials, yarn characteristics, techniques used, start and finish dates, modifications, stick in a photo of the results, add a 4×4” (10 x 10 cm) sample swatch, express your impressions, paint hearts depending on your level of satisfaction…..It’s your Book of Yarns, so you decide!