Shawl-Sarong in crochet: a multi-use accessory with only one ball of Katia Spring Rainbow

Are you looking for an entertaining, attractive and simple crochet project? Great! 😉 Because we’re sharing this pattern showing how to make a versatile crochet shawl-sarong, pay attention! It’s made with only one ball of Katia Spring Rainbow. There’s no doubt that this is the perfect gift for both next Mother’s Day and yourself, of course. A Spring shawl or a Summer sarong? Decide how to adorn yourself with this multi-use accessory in your favourite degrade effect. So choose from the range of 14 colours available in Spring Rainbow and download the crochet shawl-sarong pattern.

shawl-sarong Shawl-sarong and more

As a scarf tied around the head, over the shoulders, around the neck, knotted at the waist… This shawl-sarong is the perfect crochet accessory due to its versatility. If you take a peek at the pattern you’ll see that it is worked over an initial chain st start which establishes the size of the shawl. Afterwards, work the graph in crochet until the end of the ball of Spring Rainbow. Therefore, in this manner, you’ll get a shawl-sarong that measures approximately 53 1/8” x 14 1/8” (135 cm x 36 cm). If you want a larger size, work with a second ball of Spring Rainbow to obtain a measurement of 53 1/8” x 28 3/8” (135 cm x 72 cm). When joining the end of the first ball of yarn with the start of the second, make sure that the degrade effect matches.


Mother’s Day

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gift ideas

Of course, if it happens to be a mother-knitter/crocheter, the best gift for you is a complete kit of yarns, pattern magazines, knitting needles and hooks… Above all, the important thing is that it’s a gift which is made with love!