Purest Organic Natural Colors is a cotton fabric in its purest form. This novelty from Katia Fabrics emerges from the organically grown cotton flowers. An authentic gift from nature, available in different colour mixes: beige, sands, greens…
This may seem like a new innovation; however, this is not the case. Purest Organic Natural Colors is Nature itself: growing free in its own genuine colour range. Did you know that white cotton, like sugar, is not the original cotton? Originally, the cotton plant flowered in multiple colours. It was man who eliminated this precious variety that already existed, generating a mono-culture of white cotton. A whiteness that needed hundreds of chemicals to survive.
You now have a 100% organic cotton fabric, a true celebration of the Earth, in your hands. Here at Katia Fabrics, we support both the farmers who cultivate the cotton and those who conscientiously choose to dress in these organic fabrics. If you also share this respect for the environment, join us. We are going to care for the Earth together by sewing with Purest Organic Natural Colors.

Cotton in its natural state. Completely pure and biodegradable fabrics.

100% organic cotton seeds without any genetically modified organisms (GMO)

100% cotton in natural colours without any added dyes. These colours are born out of the different tones the natural cotton flower, cultivated from 100% organic seeds, produces.

Cultivation without irrigation, only natural rain water is used. Bio-dynamic agricultural practices.

Chemical free cotton: without the use of insecticides during sowing, or the addition of toxic dyes during manufacturing.

Hypoallergenic: Good for sensitive skins.

Purest Organic Natural Colors has the GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifications: starting with the seeds, then the whole cotton process and the weaving, to the fabric you have in your hands. The certification includes the inspection of the fields where the cotton is cultivated and the spinning facilities, maintenance of detailed registers and periodic tests that ensure compliance with the established standards by both the producers and the processors. Without a doubt, Purest Organic Natural Colors represents our commitment to working with fabrics that comply with the strict requirements verified by states or independent organisations.

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