Dance around as Wednesday for Carnival! Crochet a checkered vest with just five balls of WOW! Chunky

7 February, 2023

Hi! My name is Victoria, and I’m the person behind @vicnaranjaviccristal. I’m a designer and a self-taught knitter since last year. I love sharing the processes and inspiration behind each garment on social media. Like this crochet checkered vest inspired by the most on-trend series of the moment, Wednesday by Netflix. As well as being the perfect piece to complete your Carnival costume and wear day-to-day, you only need five balls of WOW! Chunky to make this colorwork crochet pattern in size S!

crochet checkered vest

Crochet checkered vest

Add a handmade touch to your Carnival costume with this Wednesday vest by @vicnaranjaviccristal! You just need five balls of WOW! Chunky to make this crochet checkered vest in size S. Beyond dressing up as Wednesday for Carnival or Halloween, this two-toned checkered print is a classic design that’s really versatile! Without a doubt, this V-neckline vest is perfect to wear with shirts, high neck T-shirts, or long dresses for your daily looks.

crochet checkered vest

Wednesday pattern by @vicnaranjaviccristal


Size: Size S

patrón gratis talla s

10 x 10 cm gauge swatch in double crochet using a US N/P-15/10-mm crochet hook: 7 sts x 4 rs

How to adapt the pattern to another size

If you want to make the Wednesday vest in another size, consider the following steps to calculate the necessary stitches and rows and adapt the pattern to the desired measurements:
1) Make a drawing of the pattern with the desired measurements. Use the measurements indicated in the pattern as a guide to measure yourself or of a similar garment in the size you want to make. 
2) Make a 10×10 cm swatch in the stitch and the number of rows as indicated in the pattern. Write down the number of stitches and the number of rows.
3) Use the following calculations to check the gauge, calculate how many stitches or rows you will need.
a. WIDTH IN CM x NUMBER OF STITCHES IN SWATCH / 10 = Multiply the width of your pattern drawing (in centimeters) by the number of stitches obtained in the swatch. Divide the result by 10 to calculate the number of stitches you need.
b. LENGTH IN CM x NUMBER OF ROWS IN SWATCH / 10 = Multiply the length of your pattern drawing (in centimeters) by the number of rows obtained in the swatch. Divide the result by 10 to find out how many rows to crochet.

chaleco de cuadros a crochet

Technique: Crochet colorwork

Crochet colorwork is worked with both strands at the same time: work with the color indicated in the chart, while you weave in the strand of the other color.

How to read charts

  • Each square consists of 4 double crochet stitches x 2 rows. So, we change color:
    • every 4 stitches along the round
    • every 2 rows, right before chaining up (which always counts as one stitch)

gilet a quadri all’uncinetto

  • The orange stitches are empty. They represent the neckline shaping. It’s where we skip stitches or make decreases.

How to change color

With the black (or white) color, work the 4th double crochet and close it by yarning over with the white (or black) color.


Videos: click on the name of each stitch to see how to do it.

ch – chain

dc – double crochet

dec – decrease

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

R and r(s) – row/(s)

st(s) – stitch(es)


Using the US N/P-15/10-mm crochet hook and WOW! Chunky color 53 (black), ch32.

R1: ch2 up (=1st st), dc into 4th ch (=2nd st), dc into next ch, dc into next ch closing with WOW! Chunky color 50 (white).

Continue working dc into the next 4 chs, changing color in the 4th dc st. Repeat, alternating the colors used/hidden every 4 sts.

R2-R19: always ch2 up at the beginning of the round and continue dc4 and change color according to the chart.

R20: ch2, dc into next 9 sts (= right shoulder) with the corresponding color changes. Pull through and bind off here, and insert hook into st 23, that is, skip 12 sts (= neckline).

Insert the crochet hook to ch2 up in the color stated in the chart. Continue dc and changing color in the 9 remaining sts (= left shoulder).

gráfico ganchillo espalda


Repeat steps for Back to R13.

Look for center of work = 16 sts on each side. Start working one side to shape the V-neckline.

Right shoulder

Change color as stated in the chart.

R14: ch2 up, dc into next 13 sts and end with a decrease (= dc1 without closing, dc next st without closing, yarn over and pull through both sts).

R15: ch2, dec, dc to end of r. [13 sts]

R16: ch2, dc to last 2 sts, dec.

R17-R18: Repeat R15-R16.

R19-R20: ch2, dc to end of r (without dec).

Bind off.

Left shoulder

R14: ch2, dec, dc to end of r.

R15: ch2, dc to last 2 sts, dec.

R16-R18: Repeat R14 on even rs and R15 on odd rs.

R19-R20: ch2, dc to end of r (without dec).

Bind off.

gráfico ganchillo delantero

Assembly and finishing touches

Join front and back at the shoulders with the crochet hook and WOW! Chunky color 53 (black) using sl st.

cómo coser hombros

For the neckline, from one of the neckline edges, with WOW! Chunky color 53 (black) chain up and work sc around. At the end, sl st into first st and fasten off.

cuello en v en punto bajo

Place front and back with wrong sides facing each other, sl st along the sides, from the hem to R9 (= armhole). Without cutting the yarn, continue along the edge of the armhole in sc.

Repeat on the other side.

edge armholes

Weave in all ends with a tapestry needle and you’re done!

You’ve finished your crochet checkered vest to dress up as Wednesday in a handmade costume!

Crochet checkered vest