Looking for a project to carry out this Easter? We have a perfect one for you, a pretty basket for Easter eggs in the shape of a nice hen. We have used the Chicken muslin in orange with a black print of different chickens. Learn with our free pattern and a step-by-step video tutorial on how to sew this fabric Easter egg basket in one afternoon. An easy and very practical project.

Easter egg basket tutorial

How to sew an Easter egg basket

To carry out this project we have used the Chicken muslin. A 100% cotton fabric with a chicken print on an orange background. Very soft and pleasant to the touch, double layer fabric, ideal for baby and children’s clothing and accessories.

Its wrinkled effect makes it look very special, soft, and rustic. We have used the same fabric for the exterior and interior of our basket.

The materials you will need to make this Easter egg basket project are:

  • Free downloadable pattern: PDF-Pattern EASTER CHICKEN BASKET (seam allowance is NOT included)
  • 40 cm of Fabric A Muslin that you can find available on our website here
  • 40 cm of stabilizing foam or foam for costumes.
  • Textile glue in spray or stick.
  • Scraps of felt in yellow, white, and red.

basket egg tutorial


Before starting we give you a series of recommendations:

  • Pre-wash your fabrics before starting the project to prevent them from shrinking later.
  • Remember to use a universal needle, thickness: 80/90
  • Check that all the pieces are well cut and fasten correctly to avoid having to frayed.

Cut and confection

Watch the free video tutorial to make it and follow each step carefully to get a result of 10. The pattern does not come with the stitching included as you can see in the video except for the felt beak</strong>, crest, and chin pieces.

1- Start by cutting all the pieces. The foam or foam pieces go seamless.

2- Place the foam on the reverse of the 3 outer pieces.

3- Sew or glue the headpiece in white felt on the two exteriors.

4- Sew or glue together the two pieces of the crest, the two pieces of the peak, and the 2 pieces of the chin.

5- Place on one of the heads and sew to hold as we show you in the video.

6- Faces exterior and lining rights and sews from brand to brand. Open and iron.

Easter egg basket tutorial

7- Face exterior rights against each other and lining rights against each other and sew the sides.

8- Overlock the base formed by fabric-foam-fabric

9- Put the basket on the right and remove all the corners well, iron and make an overload stitch throughout the upper part.

10- Make three seams on the tail.

11- Place the base and sew. You can leave these seams overlocked or cover with a bias for a more polished finish.

12- Paint or embroider the eye.

Easter egg basket tutorial

You already have your basket ready for Easter eggs or to decorate in your kitchen and always keep normal eggs. We hope that you liked this tutorial and that you are encouraged to try different and unique fabrics such as our muslin.

Happy Easter!

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