Aquarela CAL 2021: The kit is now available! Crochet this half-crescent shawl with new colors Katia Capri

16 March, 2021

Do you want to make a beautifully colorful half-crescent shawl? To make it, you will only need the Aquarela CAL Kit, including 8 balls of Katia Capri in unreleased colors, and participate in the next Katia CAL 2021. Search for our international Crochet-Along Katia group on Facebook and join us! There, you will have access to the free pattern complete with graphics and videos. Crochet along with us, share your passion for crochet and surround yourself with the colorful Aquarela shawl. This is an exclusive pattern designed by Laura Algarra for our Katia CAL group.

Aquarela CAL

Aquarela Shawl, a canvas to color in

Get your 3.5 mm crochet hook ready! This will be your magic brush to paint with the unreleased Katia Capri colors on an incredibly special canvas, the Aquarela Shawl. During May, we will share the written pattern, explained row by row (available in 6 languages), as well as charts and helpful videos. Play with color combinations and easy crochet stitches to make this shawl measuring 108 cm from tip to tip. Whichever your skill level, learn something new, enjoy the process, and connect with crochet fans around the world thanks to the Aquarela CAL.

Aquarela CAL

How to participate in the CAL?

If this is your first time participating in a CAL, this abbreviation means Crochet-Along, where we all crochet together. Therefore, the Aquarela CAL is an opportunity to share the entire creative process of this spectacular shawl with thousands of crochet enthusiasts. All you need to do is enter Facebook, look for our Crochet-Along Katia group and send a request to become a member of the group. Once the CAL starts, each week we will share a section of the pattern in our Facebook group. Crochet at your own pace, share progress photos, ask the group your questions, or help others with tips. Crochet, connect, and have fun!

crochet half-crescent shawl

Katia Kits Giveaway

At the end of the CAL, we are going to celebrate a prize giveaway between all the participants who made their Aquarela shawl with the CAL 2021 Kit. What’s the prize? 3 Katia kits for making our next Autumn Winter 21/22 CAL. So to enter the prize giveaway you only have to share an image of your Aquarela shawl with the group. You´ll see, you´ll have plenty of time to complete your project without having to hurry or get stressed. Above all, the aim of the CAL is to relax whilst you crochet; to enjoy each step of progress made and to happily share the results. 

crochet half-crescent shawl

Aquarela CAL 2021

Start: May 5.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Pattern: Crochet half-crescent shawl.

Facebook Group: Crochet-Along Katia

Designer: Laura Algarra.

Measurements: 108 cm from tip to tip.

Materials: Aquarela Kit with 8 balls of Katia Capri in new and exclusives colours. Also required: 3.5 mm crochet hook, wool needles and scissors. The kit is available in Katia stores and also on if you are resident in Spain Peninsula and Balearic Islands, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. If you are visiting us from another country, please visit the Shops section on our website to see details of Katia shops and distributors. The kit is only available in these brand-new combinations of Katia Capri colours. If you prefer a different colour combination or yarn, make your choice at

Instructions: During the first 2 weeks we share a part of the free pattern on the Facebook group Crochet-Along Katia and a video to learn how to make the stitches used on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel and activate notifications to receive an alert for each new video! You have the third week to make the shawl quietly and participate in the drawing of kits.

Languages: The pattern will be available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian. The videos will be available in Spanish with subtitles in English, French, Dutch, German and Italian.