Make a crochet Rainbow Cushion with this new free pattern sharing by Follow the Crochet

22 April, 2020

 “Andrá Tutto Bene”, “Everything Will Be Alright“… we can see this encouraging message accompanied by a drawing of a rainbow in many windows throughout our cities. This positive phrase and simple drawing made by children helps to put a smile on our faces during these difficult times. As we already featured in a previous post, numerous people are sharing their creative tutorials online. These tutorials show us how to knit, crochet and sew rainbows, and other ideas, to help us through the quarantine. Just like our good friend Samanta Fornino from Follow the Crochet and her crochet Rainbow Cushion. Here at Katia we are always delighted to share her amusing projects with you in this blog. In this new free pattern Samanta shows you how to make a crochet Rainbow Cushion. Grazie mille Follow the Crochet!

crochet Rainbow Cushion

Crochet Rainbow Cushion

Samanta has chosen the Katia Bambi and Katia Alabama yarns to make the Rainbow Cushion. However, we always encourage you to choose the Katia yarns and colour combinations that you like best. Furthermore, you can also experiment with the yarn thickness to adapt the cushion size. As a result, you can make a bigger or smaller crochet rainbow cushion with clouds than the one in this tutorial. Are you ready to get started? Then get your crochet hook, yarns and desire to have some fun ready. We are going to fill your house with happiness because we are going to make the Follow the Crochet cushion!

crochet Rainbow Cushion


Katia Bambi col. 305: 2 balls

Katia Alabama col. 62, 32, 40, 35, 56: 1 ball of each color

Crochet hook size: 8mm and 4mm

Tapestry needle

Toy stuffing


  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Dec – decrease = work 2sc toghether
  • st(s) – stitch/es
  • rep – repeat
  • R(s) – round(s)

Level skills: Easy

Cloud (x2)

With Katia Bambi col. 305 and crochet hook 8mm, make a magic loop with 8sc.

R1: 2sc in each st. (16sts)

R2: 16sc.

R3: Dec, 14sc. (15sts)

R4: 3sc in next st, 14sc. (17sts)

R5: 3sc in next st, 1Sc, 3Sc in next st, 14Sc. (21sts)

R6: 3sc in next st, 20Sc. (23sts)

R7: 3sc in next st, 1Sc, 3Sc in next st, 20Sc. (27sts)

R8: 3Sc in next st, 26Sc. (29sts)

R9: 3Sc in next st, 1Sc, 3Sc in next st, 26Sc. (33sts)

R10: 33Sc.

R11: 2 Dec, 1Sc, 2 Dec, 24Sc. (29sts)

R12: Dec, 1Sc, Dec, 24Sc. (27sts)

R13: Dec, 1Sc, Dec, 22Sc. (25sts)

R14: Dec, 1Sc, Dec, 20Sc. (23sts)

R15: 3Sc in next st, 22Sc. (25sts)

R16: 3Sc in next st, 1Sc, 3Sc in next st, 22Sc. (29sts)

R17: 29Sc.

R18: 3Sc in next st, 1Sc, 3Sc in next st, 26Sc. (33sts)

R19: 3Sc in next st, 32Sc. (35sts)

R20-22: 2 Dec, 1Sc, 2 Dec, Sc to the end of the R. (23sts at end of R22)

R23: 23Sc.

R24: 3Sc in next st, 22Sc. (25sts)

R25: 3Sc in next st, 1Sc, 3Sc in next st, 22Sc. (29sts)

R26: 2 Dec, 1Sc, 2 Dec, 20Sc. (25sts)

R27-28: 6 Dec, Sc to the end of the R. (13sts at end of R28)

R29: 2 Dec, 9Sc. (11sts)

Stuff Cloud.

R30: 11Sc.

R31: Dec, 9Sc. (10sts)

R32: 5 Dec. (5sts)

Fasten off.

amigurumi Rainbow


With 4mm crochet hook and each color of Katia Alabama, Ch16, Sl st in first Ch to make a loop.

R1: Ch1, Sc in each Ch around.

R2: Sc in each st around.

Rep R2 as indicated below.

Make 1 with col. 62, rep R2 until band measure 35cm.

Make 1 with col. 32, rep R2 until band measure 40cm.

Make 1 with col. 40, rep R2 until band measure 45cm.

Make 1 with col. 34, rep R2 until band measure 50cm.

Make 1 with col. 56, rep R2 until band measure 55cm.

Stuff every band.

Note: to give more shape to the rainbow, take some foil, roll it up and cut it the same length of each color. Lightly pad the outline of the foil and stop everything with adhesive tape. Then insert inside each color of the rainbow.

crochet Rainbow Cushion


Sew the two clouds together. Sew the various colors of the Rainbow on the Clouds.

Finally, start sewing the shortest color to finish sewing the longest color.