Join the Calm at Home Crochet Challenge! Learn how to make relaxing mandala squares with Ahuyama Crochet

Prepare yourself a hot drink, get out your crochet hooks and relax while crocheting with Ahuyama Crochet. Look for your moment of calm each day to make crochet mandala squares. Get your Calm at Home Pack and play with the 2 colour combinations available. During 3 weeks, let yourself be guided by the step-by-step videos created especially for you by Helena from Ahuyama Crochet. Every week we will publish 3 video tutorials with subtitles in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian. So you can comfortably follow the video and charts to crochet your mandala squares. Connect with crochet from your favourite spot at home and feel its relaxing powers, so you can create your own unique project. Join the Calm At Home crochet challenge by Ahuyama Crochet & Katia!

crochet mandala squares

Crochet Challenge by Ahuyama

«Calm At Home is the name of this new challenge, which I will secretly call the garden of my mandalas. Is there a better way to close this unexpected year full of uncertainties than by crocheting together? If this is the first time you take part in a crochet challenge, let me explain you… These are projects that are a little more ambitious, more extensive, that we are making in several sessions. Thanks to YouTube, the Facebook group Crochet-Along Katia and the hashtag #KatiaCalmAtHome on Instagram, we are connecting throughout the challenge, solving doubts, advising whoever needs it, sharing progress… And also, we encourage each other to achieve the crochet project in time. New friendships, new connections and new dreams between crocheters are always born from crochet challenges»

How to activate the Youtube subtitles option for this video:

1. Click on the Subtitles‘ icon 💬 to activate this tool.

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3. Once there, click on Subtitles (1) and then on Translate automatically where you will find the language in which you want to read the subtitles.

Learn to crochet mandala squares

Start: December 1, 2020

Duration: 3 weeks = 9 video tutorials with subtitles in 6 languages

Technique: Mandala Squares = 5 different granny squares with charts

Material: Calm at Home Pack = 2 combinations of 5 different colors of Katia Marathon 3.5

Hook size: 5 mm

Crochet Challenge: 20 mandalas = a sofa blanket


  • A square mandala = 30 x 30 cm approx.
  • 1 Calm at Home Pack = a sofa blanket measuring 120 x 150 cm approx. = 20 mandalas
  • 2 Calm at Home Packs = a blanket for a single bed (90 cm) of 150 x 210 cm approx. = 36 mandalas
  • 3 Calm at Home Packs = a blanket for a double bed (135 or 150 cm) of 240 x 210 cm approx. = 56 mandalas
  • 4 Calm at Home Packs = a kingsize bed blanket (180 cm) measuring 270 x 240 cm approx. = 72 mandalas

What else are you going to learn? Convert your mandala squares into a blanket, a bag, a tapestry, a jacket, a sweater…

crochet mandala squares

Calm at Home Pack

The Calm at Home Pack is available in 2 carefully chosen colour combinations, each with 5 different shades of Katia Marathon 3.5. Choose the colourway that inspires you most and connect with the video tutorials created by Ahuyama, an expert crocheter and YouTuber. Learn how to make simple and attractive crochet mandala squares throughout 3 weeks from the comfort of your own home. Relax, have fun and turn your mandala squares into the project of your choice: a blanket, a handbag, a jacket, a jumper… what do you want to turn your granny mandalas into? We start on the 1st of December, 2020! So remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, prepare your crochet hook and get your Calm at Home Pack.

crochet mandala squares

Videos to crochet Mandala Squares 

Download the Mandala Square A Chart

Download the Mandala Square B Chart

How to crochet a bag with 2 mandala squares

Download the Mandala Square C Chart

How to make a wall decoration with mandala squares

Download the Mandala Square D Chart


Download the Mandala Square E Chart


How to join mandala squares to make a sofa blanket


How to crochet a jacket with mandala squares


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