Knitting is old-fashioned, it’s for women, it’s hard… or not? Our new Kits & Fun Easy Knits are for everyone!

Knitting is for women, it’s old-fashioned, it’s for grandmas, it’s hard, it’s lonely… or not? Break stereotypes and enjoy knitting and crochet with the new Kits & Fun Easy Knits. It went splendidly for British medallist Tom Daley at the Tokyo Olympic Games. 😉 Leave behind prejudices or clichés and give yourself the best gift: learn to make your own clothes, accessories and home accessories. At Katia, we help you with the smallest detail! Our new Kits & Fun Easy Knits are for EVERYONE…

EVERYTHING to learn how to knit and much more

The Kits & Fun Easy Knits include EVERYTHING you need to start and finish complete easy and modern projects. In fact, the hardest thing will probably be choosing among the 18 Kits & Fun Easy Knits. Which exclusive design you will start to knit your first stitches with? Whichever your choice, you’re only one kit away from discovering:

  • The magnificent health benefits of knitting and crochet.
  • The unique value of handmade objects, infused with personality.
  • The indescribable power of creating your own sustainable wardrobe with timeless and long-lasting pieces.
  • Belonging to an active, cross-generational, creative, international, caring, fun community.

Set out today towards the art of knitting and crochet with some of the most popular knitters within the Katia Community. Continue reading to find out EVERYTHING about the Kits & Fun Easy Knits.

Kits & Fun Easy Knits

Kits & Fun Easy Knits

All the materials. Find all the necessary materials in Katia’s Kits & Fun Easy Knits to create each idea. From the soft Katia balls, all kinds of utensils such as needles, crochet hooks, scissors, yarn needles, stitch markers … to a Katia 100% You label, to add that special detail to your first creations.

Easy pattern and video tutorial. Each kit includes an easy beginner level pattern with clear instructions (available in 6 languages), based on basic stitches. What if a question arises? Keep calm and watch the complete step-by-step video tutorial available in each kit. In Kits & Fun Easy Knits you have everything to start and happily complete each project!

Kits & Fun Easy Knits

We’re sure you’ve read that knitting is the new yoga. We completely agree! Once you master the technique, knitting is as relaxing and rejuvenating an activity as a yoga and meditation session. Find out how easy knitting and crochet are, and how they can quiet your mind. Om! 

Exclusive designs by crafters

Kits & Fun Easy Knits needed to create, with your own hands, 100% Katia models and exclusive designs by independent crafters. We propose a selection of modern, fun and relaxing projects: garments and accessories for women, men and babies, as well as ideas to decorate your home with the latest trends.

Exclusive designs by crafters

@ameskeria | @alimaravillas | @carmengarciademora | @creativaatelier | @knittingtheskyline | @lauraalgarra | @littleritaknits | @xamalo85 

Elurra Scarf by Ameskeria

Learn how to make a beginner-friendly crochet scarf with a pretty lace stitch with Ameskeria. Be bold with the Elurra Kit!

Bufanda de crochet fácil

Semilla Hat by Carmen G. de Mora

If one of your resolutions is to learn how to knit with circular needles, you can cross it off your list with the Semilla Kit by @carmengarciademora.

gorro fácil agujas circulares

Striped Plaid by Knitting the Skyline

Bring warmth and style to your bedroom with this throw for the foot of your bed, created by Knitting the Skyline.

Plaid a rayas fácil

Caramelo crochet romper by Ameskeria

The Caramelo Kit by Ameskeria contains everything you need to make this sweet crochet romper!

Kits & Fun Easy Knits

Ribbed Baby Sweater by Creativa Atelier

Do you want to knit an easy and modern baby sweater? Make it with the Easy Canalé Kit by Creativa Atelier.

Jersey Bebé Easy Canalé

Modern crochet tapestry by Laura Algarra

If you love modern interior design and you want to give your home a handmade touch, the Sun Mirror Kit by @lauraalgarra is for you.

tapiz tapestry crochet

Circular Needle Women’s Cape by Little Rita

Transform a simple look into a really special outfit with the Berotxu cape designed by Little Rita for this beginner knitting kit.

capa de punto fácil

Circular Needle Men’s Sweater by Xamalo85

Take a good look at the details of the Gorbea sweater… you can make this modern men’s sweater by learning to knit some basic stitches.

Kits & Fun Easy Knits

Easy Knitting Shawl Kit by Carmen G. de Mora

The Musgo Shawl by @carmengarciademora combines the simplicity of basic stitches with the volume of Mouton wool.

chal puntos básicos

Maxi Bolero Crochet Kit by Laura Algarra

Enjoy crochet to the max! Make an easy oversized bolero, such as this Chunky Wrap Kit designed by @lauraalgarra, with a beginner video tutorial.

crochet chunky wrap

XXL Crochet Checkered Blanket by Alimaravillas

Winter feels less chilly under this XXL crochet blanket designed by @alimaravillas with Tout de Suite, our Jumbo yarn.

crochet xl blanket

100% Katia models

Vivac Crochet Hat and Cowl Beginner Kit

If you are looking for a kit that includes everything you need to make a fun and easy striped hat with pompom and cowl, this is it. Get ready for winter with the Vivac Kit!

Kit Principiantes Gorro y Cuello a Crochet Vivac

Beginner Sweater Kit with step-by-step video

If you have already knit hats and scarves, now is the time to cross that imaginary line that keeps you from knitting your first sweater. Proudly wear your Cross the Line sweater this winter!

Kit Jersey Principiantes con vídeo paso a paso

Beginner Heart Sweater Knitting Kit

 Love yourself, knit for yourself! Knit your Crush on Me sweater this winter: a soft turtleneck jumper with a large red heart and garter sleeves.

Kit Principiantes Jersey de punto con corazón

High neck intarsia triangle sweater kit

The Delta Kit brings together all the materials needed to knit an intarsia triangular design sweater.

Kit Jersey triángulo en intarsia y cuello alto

Knitted Cardigan Kit with colorblock stripes

There’s nothing like a soft, comfortable, and warm long knitted cardigan to wear at home, and also ready to wear outdoors with the urban style Backstage cardigan.

Kit Cárdigan Punto con franjas colorblock

High neck Beginner Vest Kit

If you’re starting to make your own handmade garments following your own personal style, take a look at the Moodboard Kit.

Kit Principiantes Chaleco de cuello alto

Circular Needle Colorblock Sweater Kit

If you like the colorblock trend, knit your own Rock’n’Block sweater with straight lines, dropped sleeves, round neckline, large cuffs, and side slits.

Kit Jersey bloques de color con agujas circulares

Relax, Make & Share!

Find your moment of relaxation, knit at your own pace sitting in the favorite corner of your home, and connect with the Katia community on Instagram. We encourage you to proudly share your first stitches and your 100% You creations with our @katiayarns account and with knitting and crochet fans from all over the world through the hashtag #katiayarns. Find out how sociable knitting and crochet are. Learn, share and have fun!

2 comments on Knitting is old-fashioned, it’s for women, it’s hard… or not? Our new Kits & Fun Easy Knits are for everyone!

  • Charlotte

    “Knitting…, it’s for women…” extremely, over the top sexist.
    I’m a woman who knits and designs patterns, but, there are many, many men who also knit. In addition, many of the best patterns are designed by men.
    If the author of this article and all the ones who cleared it before it was published actually read any articles or books on the history of knitting or looked at how many male designers are just on Ravelry, they would know this.
    I’m extremely disappointed with Katie Yarns.

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Charlotte, we are sorry that you misinterpreted the campaign message. Precisely this text and videos aim to break the old stereotypes that revolve around knitting in many parts of the world: it is a grandmother’s thing, it is complicated, etc. Of course there are male designers, we know a lot of them. If you watch the video “Knitting is for women … or not?” again, that’s what it is about, giving visibility to the men who knit. We also want to encourage many other men to enjoy this hobby. 98% of our followers are women, which indicates that a large part of the male population does not consider knitting or crochet as a hobby that they can also enjoy.
      We hope that we have clarified some objectives of this campaign and that you will watch the full videos again and read the text carefully to verify that we are on the same point. Thanks for your comment! Regards,

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