Crafts for children: Sew some cute chickens for Easter 🐔

We continue to share simple and easy ideas to do these days with children at home. To decorate your home in a different way this Easter we teach you how to make these fun chickens with fabric. Hand sewing with a needle and thread helps improve fine motor skills in children. Always with the supervision of an adult, of course, we do not want those little fingers to be pricked. A craft to do as a family that they will love. It is also filled with cotton and rice to give it extra weight. You can make them in many different colors and various details such as the color and shape of the crest or the type of eyes. And if you want to go a little further, try this same technique and make a mouse, a lion or an iguana. You just have to let your imagination run wild!

easter chickens

Easter chickens

We have used one of the novelties of the season, the Vichy fabric in all its colors. Combine with plain felts in different colors. To make the eyes you can choose to use buttons, paint them or embroider them.

easter chickens supplies

Here we detail the materials and tools that you will need.



  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Thread and needle
  • Pins

Step by step Easter chickens

1. The first thing you should do is cut an 11 cm x 19 cm rectangle.

2. Cut a small crest, a beak, and a drop-shaped chin. Place each piece as you see in the photo.


cut chickens

3. Fold the piece of fabric in half and fasten with pins. Sew the two sides that have felt with backstitching or small stitching. Cut the excess from the corner and turn around.

easter chickens sew

4. It is time to sew, paint or embroider our eyes. You can stick the buttons with silicone or white glue.

chicken eyes

5. Fill a little with filling first and then the rest with rice.

chickens filling

6. Fold the open side in and fasten with pins. Hand sews backstitch or small stitching.

sew chickens

In less than you imagine you will have these cute chickens ready. They have a triple function, they are used to play, to decorate and as sewing weights. Do you dare to do them?

chicken easter tutorial

We hope you put it into practice and we can see your versions using the hashtag #katiafabrics #sewingatHOME

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