Sew for your little ones fabrics with science prints

13 November, 2021

On November 10, Science Day was celebrated and we want to show you our fabrics with science prints, equations and astronauts. A collection that we have called Astro pals, full of drawings for lovers of science and space. Fabrics with a print of mathematical formulas, rockets, or funny astronaut animals.

In various fabrics such as poplin, jersey, sweat, or soft-shell. Sew lab coats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and everything you can imagine with them. We also show you a sweatshirt panel and a long-sleeved T-shirt panel. We like to do tribute collections, and scientists deserve a unique fabric collection.

telas con estampados de ciencia

Astro pals: fabrics with science prints

Inside the Astro Pals collection, you will find two panels ready to sew:

Sweatshirt Panel for scientist girls

The first one we show you are our favorite, it is to make a sweatshirt for sizes from year to 12 years old. This pattern is included in the miniMe Autumn Winter pattern magazine. The front is a rocket print with the following inspirational message inside:

Who wants to be a princess when you can be a scientist

panel de sudadera cientifica

And for the back and sleeves an equation print, all in a light gray mélange color.

estampado de ecuaciones

 T-shirt panel with astronaut dragons and aliens: Astro pals T-Shirt

Another of the panels that we have in this collection is to make a long-sleeved t-shirt. An astronaut dragon on the front and stripes for the back and sleeves to combine in blue colors. For sizes from 12 months to 12 years.

panel de camiseta astronauta

Jersey with math formula print

Following in line with the formulas, equations, and other mathematical problems, you have to choose between two jumpers that only vary in their background color, one in blue and the other in light gray melange.

jersey formulas en color azul

jersey formulas en gris

Outerwear fabric with dragons in space print: Soft-shell Astro pals

We now turn to the prints with illustrations of space, rockets, and astronauts. The first one we show you is a soft shell, our warmest fabric in the AW21 / 22 collection. With which you can make coats, jackets or rain capes.

soft-shell capa de lluvia

100% cotton with astronauts and Martians prints: Poplin Astro Pals

With the same drawing of astronauts and Martians between clouds and planets, we show you the Astro Pals poplin. We have made a basic long-sleeved shirt whose pattern is included in the miniME AW21 / 22 magazine of sewing patterns. This 100% cotton is perfect for sewing a lab coat.


Winter sweat with star and planet print

Finally, in our winter fleece Astro Pals Galaxy we have designed a dungarees with pockets on the sides and shoulder straps, very comfortable and practical for every day.