How to sew a basic short sleeve T-shirt using the Jersey panels and our free pattern

8 June, 2021

We start the week with a new summer sewing tutorial. How to sew a basic short sleeve t-shirt with the new jersey panels and our free pattern for sizes 12 months to 12 years. Marian, is with us once again and shows us how to easily make this basic short-sleeved T-shirt from start to finish. The t-shirt panels come prepared to place the artwork on the front and a matching printed design for the sleeves, neck, and back. Choose the panel that you like the most among the 13 available in the Katia Fabrics catalog. Downloadable pattern in PDF A4 format. Follow our step-by-step instructions to find out how sewing a children´s t-shirt is easier than you think. Sew your own shirt and wear it this summer!

A project where you will learn sewing techniques on stretch fabrics: how to put a collar, mount sleeves, or hem with a twin needle. And also with a free downloadable pattern from size 12 months to 12 years.

To make it we have used the T-shirt Tulum Fiesta Time panel from the FLY SS21 collection.

How to sew a basic short sleeve t-shirt

The materials you will need to make this shirt are:

  • A free downloadable pattern in sizes from 12 months to 12 years: PDF-BASIC SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT A4 (1 cm seam allowance included)
  • Jersey needle, SUK ballpoint/thickness: 70 / 80
  • Double or twin needle.

tutorial camiseta básica manga larga


Before starting we give you a series of recommendations:

  • Make with low tension in the upper thread of the sewing machine and a small stitch so that when we stretch the seams the stitching does not break. Avoid stretching the fabric when making so that the seams do not yield.
  • If you have an overlock machine, ideal for all seams, adjust the differential until you see that the fabric does not stretch. Sewing Jersey Twin Needle Hems.
  • Steam or wash before cutting and sewing.
  • Read the Instructions PDF carefully before you begin.

Cut and Sewing

Watch the free video tutorial that Marian has prepared for us to make it and follow each step carefully to get a result of 10. The pattern comes with the included 1 cm seam allowance in all the contours except hem and cuffs (which are indicated in the same pattern with notches).

tutorial camiseta básica manga larga


1- Start by cutting all the pieces: 1 time the back to the loin, 1 time the front to the loin, 2 times the mirror sleeve, and 1 time the neck.

2- Sew one of the shoulders, overlock seams, and iron towards the back.

3- Fold back to back along the entire neck in half. Iron.

4- Place the collar on the neckline taking into account the man´s picket, pinned, and sew. Overlock seams and turns inside out. Iron to seat the neck well without stretching the fabric at all.

5- Sew the other shoulder, overlock seams, and iron towards the back. Make a small reinforcement seam of 1 cm right in the neck where the seam to prevents it from moving as you can see in the video.

6- Assemble the sleeves taking into account the pickets, sew, overlock and iron.

7- Sew sides of the pull sleeves, overlock seams, and iron.

8- Make the cuffs and hem the seams, iron, and pin them.

9- With the help of a twin needle, stitch all the hems.

tutorial camiseta básica manga larga

You already have your shirt ready to brand new and show off a garment made 100% by you. We hope you liked this tutorial and that you are encouraged to sew with stretch fabrics thanks to these T-shirt panels ready to cut and sew.