Sew and dance to the rhythm of our fabrics with music, ballet and tapdance prints

Within our entire autumn-winter collection, we have reserved a very special space for fabrics with music and dance print patterns such as ballet and tap dancing.

Little musical notes, ballerina shoes, or old gramophones on soft and pleasant fabrics such as viyella, muslin, or winter sweat. Music and dance in general are incredible stimuli that entertain us, motivate us, inspire us, relax us … in short, they have the power to improve our mood and make us forget about worries. Very similar to the effect that sewing has on people, and that is why we have created several collections inspired by something as special as music that goes straight to the heart.

Fabrics with music, ballet and tap print patterns

telas con estampados musicales

Ballerinas Collection

We begin with a collection in pink tones and whose protagonists are the animals. But not just animals, they practice ballet with their fluffy tutu skirts, ribbons, and ballerinas.

The first is a soft shell with a dusty pink background with animals such as swan, elephant, or bear performing soft ballet movements. A winter fabric with a fleece back, very suitable for the cold, resistant, and that repels water. Look how well it looks in this raincoat, whose pattern you will find in the sewing patterns magazine miniME AW 21-22.

soft-shell bailarinas

From this same collection, you will find these Jersey ballerinas shoes fabric with a white background and delicate ballerina shoes in pastel colors. With it, we have sewn a basic long-sleeved T-shirt with nice ruffle detail at the bottom.

jersey ballerinas shoes

Following the line of roses, this floral fleece is ideal in any sweatshirt or jacket type garment like the one we show you.

jersey ballerinas shoes

In muslin, you will find a delicate print of animals dancing ballet in gold glitter on a green background.

And finally, in organic cotton Viyella we have the same print of ballet shoes on a charcoal gray and dusty pink background. Both patterns can be seen converted into beautiful dresses with ruffles. Both patterns are featured in the new miniME AW21 / 22 sewing pattern magazine.

viyella ballet rosa

viyella ballet gris

Tapdancers Collection

For lovers of music and tap dancing, choose between these two points on a black and white background.

A Jersey T-shirt type of fabric, with a Christmas reindeer print on music staves with gold effects on a white background. Ideal for sewing comfortable garments such as dresses, T-shirts, and pajamas for the holiday season.

telas con estampados de música

The other is a winter sweat with a plush interior with very warm and soft fur. Printed with musical notes, gramophones, and tap shoes on a black background. Some drawings are in nice and elegant gold glitter. A design that music lovers will love.

felpa amantes del claqué

Musical notes

In our organic cotton Viyella fabric, we have a simple print of musical notes on a gray background. A very easy to sew fabric, with a color that you can combine with the rest of the patterns in the collection and create anything from a women’s dress to youth pants or children’s shirts. If music moves you, this is your canvas.

viyella notas musicales



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