7 amusing animal print fabrics to sew with

We love animal print fabrics and so do the kids. In fact, we wanted to include this amusing and cheerful genre on many of our fabrics right from our first collection. As a result we’ve been accompanied by lions, surikatas, penguins, polar bears, birds, fish and many more.

You can combine these prints with solid colour garments, or try an overall look for a more daring approach. Moreover, they offer a different way of adding an animal touch to our handmade wardrobe.

Animal prints fabrics

7 amusing animal print fabrics to sew with

For the spring / summer 2019 collection we have added the following to our list of animals: koalas, bees, japanese birds , kangaroos, monkeys, cats and hippopotamuses. All of our fabrics measure 57 – 59” wide (145 – 150 cm) and carry the OEKO-TEX® certification.

Little Koalas poplin fabric

tela de koalas

This fabric with a Koala print on a white background is cute and soft. Perfect for making baby clothing and accessories.

Pioneer Hipos poplin fabric

conjunto bebe pionners

A print featuring a Hippopotamus, dressed up as a native Indian, and its tepee on a vibrant yellow background.

For sewing cheerful infant accessories like this playmat and basket set.

Monkey print

This season monkey prints feature on three of our fabrics and they are just adorable.

tela estampado de monos

Jumping Monkeys poplin fabric

katia fabrics new collection ss19

Into the Jungle jersey fabric

baby onnesie

Frida Monkeys poplin fabric

tela frida con monos y cactus

Japanese Birds poplin fabric

telas de pájaros japoneses

The key players on this fabric are japanese birds that transport us to the sea and the beach. A silhouette japanese birds print on a white background, ideal for sewing dresses, blouses or trousers.

East Kangaroo jersey fabric

We couldn’t miss out on some kangaroos this season. These are printed on a jersey knit fabric with a military green background. An ideal choice for T.shirts and comfortable garments.

tela de canguros

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Animal prints fabrics

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