El Diamante shawl by Feinmotorik, discover how to get this exclusive pattern for Premium Designers 

21 February, 2020

Discover the El Diamante Shawl, a knitted pattern designed by Julia-Maria Hegenbart especially for our Premium Designers. This is an exciting project in which we introduce indie designers from all over EuropeFind unique designs and exclusive patterns, and learn more about what inspires these creative minds. Most important, let yourself get carried away by the love for knitting and crochet of every Premium DesignersTo celebrate Feinmotorik’s new designwe have thought about something very special. After reading about Julia-Maria’s story and her spectacular El Diamante Shawl, go to Instagram and Facebook and follow @katiayarns and @feinmotorik.blogspot. Find out on both social networks how to get this exclusive pattern and become a Premium Knitter!

El Diamante shawl

El Diamante Shawl 

I had the idea for El Diamante Shawl in my head for a long time… And it finally became reality! The name of this shawl refers to its shape because it looks like a diamond. Moreover, the design and texture are also inspired by the characteristic facets and diamond form of this precious stone. I love playing with contrasts and to go beyond using only black and white.

This design stands out spectacularly when it is made using three highly contrasting colours of Katia Silky LaceThis is a soft Concept yarn from Katia, the brand based in Barcelona. Furthermore, the yarn also inspired me to choose El Diamante as the name for my shawl design. Remember this while you are knitting your shawl: that Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best FriendI hope you have fun with this pattern and it becomes your “best friend“! 

premium designers pattern


Julia-Maria Hegenbart (Cologne, Germany) didn’t learn to knit until 2013. She did it whilst sat on a bench in the middle of a shopping centre and knew straight away: “This is my passion”. Since then this passion accompanies her every dayConsequently, she shares every stitch she does on her blog and social networks under the pseudonym Frau FeinmotorikShe also publishes information about upcoming yarn fairs and eventsFurthermore, Julia organizes “online groups” so people from all over the world can knit together. 

El Diamante shawl

To date, Julia-Maria Hegenbart has published 4 knitting book (available in German): BOBBELicious Stricken (Knit with Cake Yarn), Mosaik Tücher stricken (Mosaic stitch Shawls), BOBBELicious Stricken – I Love Pastell (Knit with Cake Yarns – in pastel colours) and Mix & Match – 550 Mützen kombinieren (Mix & Match – 550 hat combinations). There is no doubt that knitting helps this knitter who works in the IT sector find a balance in her life. 

El Diamante shawl